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Please note this is an ongoing project and more products will be added as I’m able to acquire them.

So you want a new body, head, or adult bits for your Second Life avatar but there are so many options to choose from. Narrowing the options down to find the perfect ones can feel overwhelming. While I can’t tell you exactly what works best for you, I can at least try to help make the process easier, faster, and less stressful.

The Mesh Directory is made up of a variety of products. Some are current and have a lot of third party options for clothing, addons, etc. Others are older and may not have much modern support for extras. Many fall somewhere in between. Make sure to read the listing themselves for a more in depth look at each product.

Photo taken at my home. Pose and phone from FOXCITY: Beauty.

Some things to note when browsing The Mesh Directory:

  • Many listings are for a specific item in a line of products. Lots of these may have unique appearances, etc. If you like something’s features but it doesn’t quite look perfect for your needs check out other products in the line, too!
  • These are simply a reference for you to get an idea of if you’d like to check the product out further. Make sure you DEMO (when available) before making purchases!

Using The Mesh Directory

Using the Directory is simple!

  • Every listing has a picture of the product alone.
  • You can mouse over the product (or tap on mobile) to see an example of it in use as part of a completed avatar.
  • Clicking the image (or tapping again for mobile) will bring you to the in depth listing for the product.
  • Every product listed is shown below by default, however you can use the filters to only see a specific category of products (masculine bodies, feminine heads, etc.)
  • Products are grouped by category. In each category, products are listed by release date with the most recent shown first.

Abbreviation Meanings

  • Fem – Feminine
  • Masc – Masculine
  • Enby – Non-Binary (these can also be used as both Masc & Fem heads!)

Enjoy exploring and finding what’s perfect for your look!

The Mesh Directory Listings

A text only list of links to every listing can be found at the bottom of the post.

Fem Bodies
Fem Heads
Masc Bodies
Masc Heads
Enby Bodies
Enby Heads
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2 thoughts on “The Mesh Directory”

    • Yes, this is still updated! A lot of updates are behind the scenes, but I’m working on getting the listed products updated and new ones added. You’ll see Kario is in the list to be added. I have it, just working on getting everything put together for the post.


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