Maitreya LaraX (& What You Need To Know Compared To Lara)

This post covers the new LaraX body from Maitreya. Check out the Maitreya LaraX, Maitreya LaraX Petite, and Maitreya Lara Original listings on The Mesh Directory to get an overview of each body and compare them to others. Maitreya LaraX Flat will also be listed once it is released.

The highly anticipated Maitreya LaraX has been released! Owners of the original Maitreya Lara body will receive LaraX for free when redelivering their current Lara body. This can be done for those using Lara v5 or newer via the Maitreya HUD (in the tab labelled “Misc.”) or by visiting the redelivery terminal in store. I highly recommend redelivering via HUD as it can be done from anywhere that allows scripts (aka anywhere your HUD works.) It’s expected the Maitreya sim will be packed and difficult to access for a while after the release.

What’s New

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Quick Note: I’ll Be Away For September!

I’ll be away on vacation this month, so I won’t be able to respond to any comments or post new content for a bit!

While it may not look like much has happened on the front end, in August I did a huge revamp of The Mesh Directory. This included updating all the listings for the start of the month as well as adding listings for Rebirth’s RoX heads, SKING’s new Hulixa body, and more! When I return from vacation I’ll be checking the listings for any needed updates again (LOGO will be updated at that point) and adding some more items including Kalhene Erika and Malediction Anatomy.

I’ve also joked that Maitreya Lara X will be released while I’m gone. I want to stress that this is in no way rooted in fact! I’m simply excited for it and to make the listing for it and with my luck it’ll happen when I’m gone. So if it’s released while I’m away I’ll take that mental note and go on vacation earlier next time there’s a super hyped update so everyone can get it sooner, hah!

I hope you all have a great month and I’ll see you again in October!

Regeneration is Regenerating… Again!

Can you believe Regeneration has been around for six years? It started as a tiny little blog and look where it is now. It’s grown up so much!

From Then To Now

Regeneration started as a blog meant to help people of all experience levels find what they need to customize their avatars. In the beginning I did this by showcasing items from various brands and blogging multiple times a week about the various shopping events, free items, and products I came across. Over time I cut back on the posting frequency so I’d have time for both First and Second Life. I also cut back on the fashion posts. Why? There are already so many wonderful bloggers who have that covered. I wanted to give you a resource to find in depth information on the building blocks of your avatars and a place to compare various bodies, heads, and other mesh parts so you could choose what’s right for you. With this in mind The Mesh Directory was born.

The Directory has gotten lots of attention since its inception. It’s become a reference point for both experienced users considering swapping to new parts and for new users who are learning what options they may have. As time went on I realized it needed to become even more than what it was. I needed a way to allow you to browse the products visually so you have an idea what you’re interested in learning more about. As I added more and more products I realized you needed a better way to navigate the listings too. I tried a few different ideas, and finally found one that stuck. Today is the day it launches!

I welcome you to explore the newly revamped Mesh Directory!

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Maitreya LaraX – What We Know

The cover image is the Maitreya In-World Store on July 29, 2023. The window display was created by Vixie Rayna.

Maitreya LaraX is now listed on The Mesh Directory! To see what’s new and what will be familiar check out the post Maitreya LaraX (& What You Need To Know Compared To Lara)!
LaraX and LaraX Petite have been released! If you have Lara v5 or newer you can use the redelivery button in the “Misc” section of your HUD to get LaraX. For LaraX Petite you’ll need to swing by the in world store for a redelivery. LaraX Flat is not yet released, however it is coming.

As LaraX is now officially out most of this post isn’t as relevant. You can still find some answers about it here, however keep an eye out for the LaraX listing on The Mesh Directory as well as an in depth post on what’s new with LaraX. I’ll link both of those here once they are up!

By now you’ve probably seen that Maitreya Lara is getting an update is releasing a new body, Lara X! (This body is free for those who own Maitreya Lara, so many considered it an update for quite some time. It has been confirmed by the creator that Lara X is an entirely new body.) You’ve probably also heard a ton of speculation and rumors. Within the first 24 hours after the news broke I was already seeing a ton of guessing being presented as facts and confusing folks. After seeing misinformation circulating (and confusing people) I decided to consolidate what we do know to help keep facts straight. I will be keeping this up to date as I come across more information.

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PRIMA Femme – The Adult Bits

It took me a bit longer than I would’ve liked to write this post due to RL circumstances. Thank you for your patience and understanding .

I detailed PRIMA’s lovely Femme Elite body in my prior post, PRIMA Femme – A Highly Customizable, Gorgeous New Body. In it you got to see a variety of the customization options including various shapes for the bust, booty, navel, and more. Today we’ll be digging into the customization options for the nipples and vulva, and also peeking at the new bust shapes that have been added since we last looked at the body.

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PRIMA Femme – A Highly Customizable, Gorgeous New Body

A new body, PRIMA Femme, quietly released at FaMESHed this month, and if you haven’t demoed it yet you should check it out. This beautiful new body is made by the same creator as Tonic, so while the name may look like they’re new to the scene their presence has actually been helping make Second Life users beautiful for years. Anyone who owns a Tonic body can head to PRIMA’s main store to get PRIMA Femme at a steep discount.

Combating Lag

It’s no secret that things like applier layers and HUD alphas contribute to the lag you and those around you experience. PRIMA took great care in working to make an efficient body to help reduce lag issues. Your purchase includes two versions: one with an applier layer and one without. If you don’t use appliers on your body the one without is the body you’ll want to use to help reduce lag.

You’ll also find there’s no alpha section of the HUD. Some other bodies utilize this as well, which has encouraged creators to make alphas for their products. You can easily find free alpha layer packs on the Marketplace as well as affordable, in depth ones. If none of those quite suit your fancy, you can also make your own alphas. This is a great option as you can choose to hide exactly what you want and nothing more. It’s helpful to note that while there’s no alpha cuts section, there are still toggles to hide your hands, feet, nipples, and groin area.

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Putting the X in Gen.X (A Close-Up Look at Belleza’s HD Vagina)

This post is an NSFW extension of Belleza Gen.X – The New Bodies From Freya’s Creator. Make sure to check that one out too if you’re interested in Belleza’s Gen.X body. Gen.X is available at the Belleza Gen.X Event (October 1st – 31st.)

Belleza Gen.X Curvy and Classic bodies come with a bento vagina built right in. The first mention of it stirred up lots of curiosity in the brand’s Discord, so I decided to include a bit of a closer look at it for those who are interested in the X side of Gen.X.

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Belleza Gen.X – The New Bodies From Freya’s Creator

With two new bodies the Belleza Gen.X release has the potential to be a hit for both curvy and slender avatar lovers alike. As the creator of the wildly popular Freya and Jake bodies, Belleza is no stranger to making attractive mesh for various body types. I’m here to give you helpful information so you can decide if these bodies are right for you.

A Small History Lesson

For those who aren’t familiar with it, Freya was the go to curvy body for many users back when much of SL was focused primarily on more slender shapes. It has a dedicated enough following that when newer curvy bodies from other creators were released, many folks opted to keep wearing it instead of upgrading immediately or even at all. Freya has left big shoes for any new Belleza body to fill.

Freya vs Gen.X

Before even touching on the new bodies and how they compare to one another, I’d like to cover how they differ from Freya. Some users are hoping for a Freya style body with more features while others are excited at the possibility of something brand new. While the new bodies aren’t Freya, you can feel Freya’s inspiration in both. In fact, many Freya shapes I had in my inventory even worked as solid bases that required just a little tweaking to fit the Gen.X bodies. That said, not all of your previous shapes will play nice with Gen.X bodies, and your Freya clothing definitely will NOT fit Gen.X. They’re new bodies, time for new wardrobes!

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LeLutka Evo X (And How It’s Different From Evo)

A Second Life elf avatar wearing LeLutka Evo X Avalon looks at the camera.

This post covers the new Evolution X line from LeLutka which at the time of posting includes LeLutka Avalon, LeLutka Briannon, and LeLutka Ceylon. Check out the Avalon listing on The Mesh Directory to get a quick overview of the Evo X line and compare it to other heads.

LeLutka released their new Evolution Xtreme line (also known as Evo X) at Skin Fair in March 2021. Right away people began asking what the difference is between Evo X and their existing Evolution (also known as Evo) line. While the names and heads themselves are very similar, there are some very important differences which I’ll get into in a moment. It’s worth mentioning again since the terms will be used throughout this post: Evo and Evo X are two different things.

I do also want to make this important note: LeLutka has made it clear in their FAQ that Evo X is simply an extension of the Evo line. They will still be making Evo heads and in upcoming weeks will be adding almost all the Evolution Xtreme upgrades to the Evolution line. The HD skins (more info below) may or may not be added in the future based on consumer feedback and market response. The Evo heads are all being upgraded to Evo X! At the time of this update the women’s heads have all been upgraded. Three men’s Evo X heads have been released and the previous Evo heads will be updated as well.

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Not Just Skins: Don’t Miss These at Skin Fair 2021

You’ve probably heard about Skin Fair by now. It’s a giant yearly event that showcases far more than just skins. You can find shapes, makeup, scars, eyes, tattoos, ears, nails, nipples, even bodies and heads. As expected a lot of the big name skin, head, and body brands in Second Life are participating. Even if you don’t need a new skin it’s worth checking out. This year Skin Fair 2021 is presented by Pale Girl Productions & LeLUTKA.

This post isn’t digging into every new thing available. Instead this is a glance at some fun things for customizing your avatar that you may not have realized were available at Skin Fair.

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