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It took me a bit longer than I would’ve liked to write this post due to RL circumstances. Thank you for your patience and understanding .

I detailed PRIMA’s lovely Femme Elite body in my prior post, PRIMA Femme – A Highly Customizable, Gorgeous New Body. In it you got to see a variety of the customization options including various shapes for the bust, booty, navel, and more. Today we’ll be digging into the customization options for the nipples and vulva, and also peeking at the new bust shapes that have been added since we last looked at the body.

New Breast Options

When I wrote the last PRIMA post the body had just released. Well here we are at version 1.3.1, and some changes have hit since then! I’m not going to dig into all of them, but I do want to highlight the new changes for the chest.

PRIMA released the “Petite Fitness bust” addon for the Petite body “Busty Bubbly bust” addon for the Busty body. If you own Elite you get both of these right in the HUD, listed as Bust 4. If you use it with the Petite chest toggled on you’ll have the Petite Fitness bust shape. Using it with the default chest option gives you the Busty Bubbly bust shape.

In addition to the shapes, there are also included shading options for each chest type to give shading and depth to your breasts. These come in brown and red and range from 10% to 30% transparency so you can match whatever skin you’re using.


PRIMA was kind enough to include both HD nipples and matching BOM nipples with the body. You have a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes to choose from.


The BOM nipples (left) are a layer that is worn over your skin, so the detail is confined by Second Life’s texture limitations and are not as detailed. To use the BOM nipples just unpack them from from the Nipple Tattoos object in your PRIMA folder, then select which color and size you’d like. If you need to tint your BOM nipples you can do so by wearing the BOM nipple and right clicking it in your inventory to edit.

The HD nipples (right) have finer details even when looking at them close up. Just turn on the HD Nipples option in the HUD and then pick one of the twelve nipple tones at the bottom of the nipple section. The first row has a smaller areola and the second row has a larger one, so you can pick whatever you think looks best! If nothing seems to match exactly the way you’d like you can tint the HD nipples in the second tab of the HUD.

Even if you use the HD ones, I recommend wearing the matching BOM version underneath. Second Life doesn’t always play nice when displaying multiple items using alpha blending near one another at the same time. This can result in longer hair basically hiding the nipple underneath as seen here. Using the matching BOM nipple ensures that even when your hair is hiding the HD nipple, most folks won’t even notice because your BOM one underneath matches!

The Shape of You(r Nips)

True to PRIMA’s “The Shape of You” slogan, they’ve given us seven different options for how the nipple itself is actually shaped. The shapes are varied enough to really let you get a unique look, even if you use the same body for multiple avatars. Both the HD and BOM nipple shapes are controlled with the same buttons in the HUD.

Shown here are nipple shapes 1-6. Shape 7 can be seen in the HD/BOM comparison pic at the beginning of the Nipples section.


HD isn’t just for makeup (and nipples) anymore! PRIMA has given us an HD vulva which is perfect for anyone who wants a little more realism but doesn’t need a full working vagina. There are no BOM layers for this as most skins include a texture between the legs by default. Whether you use the HD vulva or decide to skip it you have four different shapes to choose from. One of these is a flat option that keeps everything Barbie doll smooth and easily hidden under your clothing.

Curious about the other customization options? Check out the companion post for this one, PRIMA Femme – A Highly Customizable, Gorgeous New Body. It was written when the body was released, however, and improvements have been made since then. For the most up to date info (and to see if this body is right for you), check out The Mesh Directory listing for PRIMA Femme Elite.


Head & Eye Shadow– LeLutka: Avalon
Body – PRIMA: Femme Elite
Skin– DeeTaleZ: Aria in the tone European (also addons Maitreya Flat Chest, Cleavage 1, No Nipples, and Realface)
Shape – Modified version of Lelutka‘s Nova default shape
Deformers – PRIMA: Shoulders down 1 width 32, Booty out and up 4, and Bust Gravity 2 Cleavage 1 Out 4
Hair – Wasabi: Mystique (Offbeat colors)
Eyes – AviGlam: Eternity Eyes (Sunset)
Lip Gloss – Top1Salon: HD Milk P2 Lipstick (Pale)
Skirt- ViVi: Stephie (Black)
Pose – Modesty – MDC Bento Pose
Location – Fairy Tales
Windlight (EEP) – PolyPlace: Beautiful Day 7 (Poly Skies 1 pack)

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