PRIMA Femme – The Adult Bits

It took me a bit longer than I would’ve liked to write this post due to RL circumstances. Thank you for your patience and understanding .

I detailed PRIMA’s lovely Femme Elite body in my prior post, PRIMA Femme – A Highly Customizable, Gorgeous New Body. In it you got to see a variety of the customization options including various shapes for the bust, booty, navel, and more. Today we’ll be digging into the customization options for the nipples and vulva, and also peeking at the new bust shapes that have been added since we last looked at the body.

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PRIMA Femme – A Highly Customizable, Gorgeous New Body

A new body, PRIMA Femme, quietly released at FaMESHed this month, and if you haven’t demoed it yet you should check it out. This beautiful new body is made by the same creator as Tonic, so while the name may look like they’re new to the scene their presence has actually been helping make Second Life users beautiful for years. Anyone who owns a Tonic body can head to PRIMA’s main store to get PRIMA Femme at a steep discount.

Combating Lag

It’s no secret that things like applier layers and HUD alphas contribute to the lag you and those around you experience. PRIMA took great care in working to make an efficient body to help reduce lag issues. Your purchase includes two versions: one with an applier layer and one without. If you don’t use appliers on your body the one without is the body you’ll want to use to help reduce lag.

You’ll also find there’s no alpha section of the HUD. Some other bodies utilize this as well, which has encouraged creators to make alphas for their products. You can easily find free alpha layer packs on the Marketplace as well as affordable, in depth ones. If none of those quite suit your fancy, you can also make your own alphas. This is a great option as you can choose to hide exactly what you want and nothing more. It’s helpful to note that while there’s no alpha cuts section, there are still toggles to hide your hands, feet, nipples, and groin area.

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