PRIMA Femme – A Highly Customizable, Gorgeous New Body

A new body, PRIMA Femme, quietly released at FaMESHed this month, and if you haven’t demoed it yet you should check it out. This beautiful new body is made by the same creator as Tonic, so while the name may look like they’re new to the scene their presence has actually been helping make Second Life users beautiful for years. Anyone who owns a Tonic body can head to PRIMA’s main store to get PRIMA Femme at a steep discount.

Combating Lag

It’s no secret that things like applier layers and HUD alphas contribute to the lag you and those around you experience. PRIMA took great care in working to make an efficient body to help reduce lag issues. Your purchase includes two versions: one with an applier layer and one without. If you don’t use appliers on your body the one without is the body you’ll want to use to help reduce lag.

You’ll also find there’s no alpha section of the HUD. Some other bodies utilize this as well, which has encouraged creators to make alphas for their products. You can easily find free alpha layer packs on the Marketplace as well as affordable, in depth ones. If none of those quite suit your fancy, you can also make your own alphas. This is a great option as you can choose to hide exactly what you want and nothing more. It’s helpful to note that while there’s no alpha cuts section, there are still toggles to hide your hands, feet, nipples, and groin area.

The Bodies: Petite, Busty, and Elite

The PRIMA Femme release includes three purchase options: Petite, Busty, and Elite. Petite and Busty are pretty much the same aside from the chest. Petite caters to smaller chests. The creator actually spent a lot of time working with smaller chested residents to make sure they created a body that suited unique petite needs. Busty is designed for larger chests. Elite includes both options and will also include “more goodies” soon according to the creator. I’ve used Elite for this post as well as the PRIMA Femme listing over at The Mesh Directory. Make sure to peek at the Directory Listing to see a full list of what comes with the body as well as full screenshots of the HUD, easy price comparison, and more!

It’s important to note that Petite users aren’t stuck with only small chested options, and Busty users aren’t confined to having only huge breasts. The images here (or above if you’re on mobile) give an idea of the smaller and larger breast sized each body can do. I’ve included some of the options that got these results so you can play with them on your own, too! The deformers noted are included with the body. The skins are not.

From top to bottom

Petite (Smaller chest) Breast Size 16, Buoyancy 18, Cleavage 100
Gravity 1 Cleavage 3 Out 1 (Deformer), DeeTaleZ Maitreya Flat Chest

Petite (Larger chest) Breast Size 100, Buoyancy 100, Cleavage 56
Gravity 2 Cleavage 1 Out 4 (Deformer), DeeTaleZ Maitreya Cleavage

Busty (Smaller chest) Breast Size 19, Buoyancy 0, Cleavage 100
Gravity 1 Cleavage 3 Out 1 (Deformer), Maitreya Flat Chest

Busty (Larger chest) Breast Size 100, Buoyancy 0, Cleavage 0
Gravity 2 Cleavage 1 Out 4 (Deformer), DeeTaleZ Maitreya Cleavage

Shape of You

PRIMA Femme’s slogan, Shape of You, really highlights how customizable the body is. The creator has gone out of their way to make it easy for you to have a unique look, even if you’re using the same base shape as somebody else. The body comes with a variety of shapes, over 100 deformers, and a HUD with various options that actually make tweaks to the mesh.


Femme Elite includes four shapes, each made with a different body shape and head in mind. While the shapes look good on their own, they are all modifiable so you can adjust them to your tastes. I highly recommend making a copy of any shape before you make changes so you can go back to that starting point if you end up accidentally saving changes you dislike. Already have a shape you like for the head you’ll be using? PRIMA has included a notecard with the values for the body sliders so you can easily modify your pre-existing shapes, too! Below is a graph showing all the included shapes with both the Petite and Busty chest options. And of course, remember you can always make your own shapes!

Click for the full size version.

PRIMA Femme Deformers

Deformers are a really fun way to change the shape of your body without actually changing your shape sliders at all. If you haven’t used them before, deformers are used to deform your skeleton. While it sounds a bit dramatic, it doesn’t have to be. Deformers can help you easily change things such as the slope of your shoulders, the angle of your booty, or even how your breasts hang against your chest. PRIMA Femme comes with 80 deformers for your bust and another 45 deformers for the rest of your body.

Nicole Maladay Starshine has made a super helpful video showing you what each of these do, and has been kind enough to let me share it with you here! This goes through the deformers that come with Prima Femme and how they changes your appearance.

Photosensitivity Warning: Nicole’s video has a fun intro that DOES include flashing and jerking motion, but this can be skipped by going to the 1:00 mark.

Video made by Nicole Maladay Starshine and used with permission. Original here.


PRIMA Femme’s HUD holds standard customization you’re likely used to (nail options, foot position, etc.) as well as options to change the shape of your navel, booty, bust, nipples, and vulva. I have photos of most of these in this section, however I’ll be including the nipple and vulva images in a separate age gated post coming soon. To see the HUD in it’s entirety make sure to swing by the PRIMA Femme listing over at The Mesh Directory.


Included right in the HUD is a variety of nail lengths, shapes, and colors as seen here. Whether you prefer short, medium, or long nails you’ll find a variety of options to choose from. I especially like the shorter almond nails since I find rounded nails with a little length to be really convenient for the avatars I use.

Your color options are included right under the nail lengths. There’s also a little section of the HUD that lets you toggle specific nails to be colored, which gives you a ton of options for accent nail colors, rainbow nails, and more.


You’re likely used to different foot heights by now, and PRIMA includes these right in the HUD for your convenience. You can also select these one foot at a time which is great for a more realistic look in photos or when lounging in the same pose for a while.


The belly button has three options. The first is a standard flat belly button, the second is slightly indented, and the third gives you an outie. How the belly button itself looks will depend on the skin you use. If your skin’s belly button doesn’t quite line up the flat option is a good standard that will keep it not too noticeable.


There are 3 booty options to choose from, too! You’ll notice the differences most easily at the top of the cheeks, along the center, and a little bit under the cheeks as well. Please note that your skin will also impact how your bottom looks. The skin I’m using here has shading alone the top and the lower part of the cheeks, and the lighting is casting some shadows as well so it’s easier for you to see the changes.


It’s important to again note that PRIMA has Petite and Busty options. Elite includes both these options in the HUD. It’s hard to really describe the changes, so I’ve included all three bust options here using both petite and busty chests. Pay attention to the top of the breast as well as the area just under the armpit. Some changes are more obvious on Busty and some are more obvious on Petite. Please note that your shape’s breast sliders will also impact how your breasts look. These images use exact same shape, so when it comes to size the only difference is the Petite vs Busty options.

The skin will also make a difference on how your breasts look. For these images I’ve used the same skin for the original Petite and Busty examples. For Busty’s second image I’ve added DeeTaleZ Cleavage option to give a little more of the squished look which makes the breasts look larger and heavier. For the second Petite image I’ve used a small chest option from DeeTaleZ which removes some of the cleavage to help make the breasts look smaller even though the only difference is the texture, not the mesh.

Interested in the more NSFW customization options? Check out the companion post to this one, PRIMA Femme – The Adult Bits.

Third Party Products (Skins, Clothing, etc.)

When first searching for third party products you may find less that you’d expect if you’re just searching for PRIMA Femme items. There are definitely creators making for this body, plus more and more products are released regularly. PRIMA’s Update Group puts out notices in world for new products. Outside of SL, their Discord has a new releases channel where creators can list their products. It’s handy for browsing things you know will fit! Searching the Marketplace for “PRIMA” and sorting by new is also a fun way to browse. (Not familiar with searching the Marketplace? I got you!) But it’s not only things made for PRIMA that look good on Femme.


Maitreya skins can be used with PRIMA Femme. In fact, this post uses a Maitreya skin I already had from DeeTaleZ and it looks nice! Of course different skins may look different, so always make sure to demo. Now, I do want to note a few very minor things I’ve personally found when using my Maitreya skins. The shading for under the booty and breasts is just a tad high on some skins. On a few others the nipple is off just a teensy bit (usually on flat chest skins), but this is easily remedied with the HD Nipple option in the HUD.

These are fairly minor things that I only noticed because I was looking very closely, and it’s likely that many if not most people don’t notice it at all. And I do want to stress that these are just on some skins I tested, not all skins. Your mileage may vary, so I’ll insist again to please make sure to demo!


Various users in the group and Discord have mentioned they are able to make Maitreya clothing fit. They’ve shared photos of Maitreya outfits looking lovely on their PRIMA bodies. Some of my outfits did work, but for me personally most of mine did not. I will be up front, though, that a lot of my clothing is a tighter fit, has transparency, etc. As PRIMA Femme is NOT Maitreya it is understandable that not all clothing for Maitreya will fit. So please make sure to demo before making new purchases, but definitely don’t be afraid to try what you already have in your inventory. Even if you haven’t owned a Maitreya body, you may have some Maitreya clothing that came bundled with the same item made for other bodies.

Shoes, however, I have had amazing luck with. Almost any Maitreya shoes I’ve tried have fit with no issue. Note that anything that goes above the ankle may or may not work due to the bodies being different bodies, but you can definitely give it a shot! Some taller boots I have worked as long as I used alphas on the lower legs. I do want to stress that this is something that happens even when boots are made for specific bodies too, so this isn’t rough at all!


Do you want to make products for PRIMA? Apply for a creator kit to get the tools you need to make skins, PRIMA specific mesh products, and more! I also high recommend hopping into the PRIMA Discord. It’s a tight-knit community that has been very welcoming and happy to help one another.


Head – LeLutka: Avalon
Body – PRIMA: Femme Elite
Skin– DeeTaleZ: Aria in the tone European (also addons Maitreya Flat Chest, Cleavage 1, No Nipples, and Realface)
Shape – Modified version of Lelutka‘s Nova default shape
Deformers – PRIMA: Shoulders down 1 width 32, Booty out and up 4, and Bust Gravity 2 Cleavage 1 Out 4
Hair – Wasabi: Mystique (Offbeat colors)
Eyes – AviGlam: Eternity Eyes (Sunset)
Eye Shadow – Top1Salon: Wet Eyeshadow (about half blended in Lelutka hud)
Lip Gloss – Top1Salon: HD Milk P2 Lipstick (Pale)
Dress – Aley’s: Jeanne Flowers Summer Dress
Pose – FOXCITY: Stardust-2
Location – Fairy Tales
Windlight (EEP) – PolyPlace: Beautiful Day 7 (Poly Skies 1 pack)

Bikini – PRIMA: Tropikini (included with PRIMA Femme purchase)
Pose – Tuty’s: Charismatic and Magnetic Ground Sit 4

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2 thoughts on “PRIMA Femme – A Highly Customizable, Gorgeous New Body”

    • Thank you so much for the compliments!

      The places I go don’t usually require lower lag products, so I’m guilty of not always incorporating that into my main looks (though I do have some avis for such situations.) I use pretty much all the modern bodies on various avatars, and if I’m honest I personally love PRIMA’s chest the most, enough so that if there were more clothing options I’d swap to it for some of my main avatars. The only thing that’s kept me from using it on more of my avis is third party products. While new clothing of my style has started coming out, there’s not enough of it just yet to swap my main looks over (since I use them for costume parties, etc.) I’m really hoping that changes though, and I am seeing more and more products released daily. Time will tell!

      I’m honestly really happy to have PRIMA Femme and I definitely do use it. I’m looking forward to opportunities to use it more!


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