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This is an overview of the Belleza Gen.X Curvy mesh body for Second Life avatars. Almost all the information also applies to Gen.X Classic however the photos are only of Gen.X Curvy, and the list is what comes with Gen.X Curvy. Other bodies may have slightly different content. As always I strongly encourage you to demo before making any final purchases. For more mesh heads and bodies head on over to The Mesh Directory.

Gen.X is available now at the Belleza Gen.X Event through October 31. After the event the body should be available in the Belleza store, which is at the same location.

Basic Info

Creator – Belleza
Product – 
Gen.X Curvy
Price – L$5,500
Review Version – 1.0

Included Parts

Body – Yes
Head – No
Hands – Yes
Feet – Yes
Skin –  Yes (14 tones with optional freckles)

Copy Yes
Transfer – No
Mod – No (Belleza has stated a mod version will be available in the future)

Appliers, BOM, and Compatibility

Bakes on Mesh (BOM) – Yes
Applier Layers –  Yes (Skin, Upper body, Lower body, Gloves, and Socks)
Applier Save Slots –  No
Materials Enabled – Yes
Omega Compatible – No
Universal Neck Standard ?When used with the same skin tone, heads and bodies both using the Universal Neck Standard result in a seamless neck.  Yes
Additional Neck Sizing Options – No


Click to view HUD at actual size

Pros, Neutral Notes, and Cons

Other things of note to consider that haven’t been mentioned above.


  • Belleza’s Gen.X bodies come with optional HD animated vaginas. This offers a slightly more realistic look for those who are interested in using it.
  • Auto-Hide is a feature in Gen.X bodies. If a designer chooses to do so they can have parts of the body hide automatically when you put their item on. This is a really convenient option so you don’t have to manually click alpha sections or add alpha layers.
  • Your purchase comes with two versions of the body: One with Custom Feet UVs and one with SL UVs. The Custom Feet UV option is a version that uses a different UV mapping so creators can make higher quality feet skins if they so choose. If your feet look a little funky with your skin make sure you’re using the right body for your skin type.

Neutral Notes

  • In order to use BOM alphas you must first configure your body to use alpha blending. You do this by going to your Style Tab, clicking the blue cogwheel next to the skin tones, then changing Alpha Mode to Blend. it’s not difficult to do, however it’s an extra step many users won’t know to do right off the bat.


  • The Gen.X bodies don’t come with shapes. You can make your own or purchase some from third party creators, however this is an extra step and/or extra money on top of your purchase.

What’s In The Box

Click image for full size

Official Belleza Links

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