Making A New You

Avatars can be an extension of ourselves. Just like we are always growing and changing, so can our online representations of ourselves. With this in mind, don’t be afraid to give yourself a make over every now and again. Show off the new you in the comments whether you used this guide or not. Let everyone see how diverse our Second Life community can be!


Head – Lelutka: Nova
Body – Maitreya: Lara
Skin & Shape – Session: Niko
Hair – TRUTH: Kitten in Greyscale
Eye Shadow (BOM) – Izzie’s: Smokey Eyeshadow 3 (+undereye) dark
Eye Shadow (HD) – Top1Salon: Insta Eye Shadows
Lipstick – Top1Salon : HD Two-Faced Lipstick
Tattoos – Letis Tattoo: Cat Goddess
Choker – Virtual Disgrace: Tattoo Choker
Outfit – r2: Enyou (black)
Pose – :  WRONG: Woody Smells Bed
Face Pose – Lelutka: Axis HUD Face
Location – Otter Lake
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2 thoughts on “Making A New You”

  1. Asia,
    Your blog is simply wonderful. As a Newbie I wanted to explore Second Life as a basic member before deciding to upgrade my status. I am fascinated by this world. I choose Maria as my entry Avatar. Even though she wasn’t who I desired to be in my Second Life, I quickly fell in love with her. I saw Second Life through her eyes and knew this was where I wanted to be. I have spent the last few days diligently reading your blog posts. They are well done and very informative. Creating an Avi that truly expresses who I will be in Second Life is my first & highest priority. Regeneration has given me the confidence and tools to move ahead and create my desired presence for Second Life. You are my guide. This has been an enjoyable experience. Thank you. Trisha

    • Aww you’re welcome, and thank you so much for the compliments and kind words, Trisha! I am so glad you’re having a great time in world, that’s entirely what I hoped to help people do when I made this blog and it makes me so happy to see it’s helping ♥

      If you get stuck on anything or have any questions please feel free to reach out. I know Second Life can be a bit overwhelming at first and the learning curve can be a bit steep, but you’ve got this! I hope you continue having a wonderful time exploring Second Life and yourself in it ♥


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