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The cover image is the Maitreya In-World Store on July 29, 2023. The window display was created by Vixie Rayna.

By now you’ve probably seen that Maitreya Lara is getting an update! You’ve probably also heard a ton of speculation and rumors. Within the first 24 hours after the news broke I was already seeing a ton of guessing being presented as facts and confusing folks. After seeing misinformation circulating (and confusing people) I decided to consolidate what we do know to help keep facts straight. I will be keeping this up to date as I come across more information.

The Reveal


Our first glimpse of Maitreya Lara X was on July 28, 2023 on Velour‘s Flickr. They announced that their Picasso Babe skin line (made in collaboration with itGirls), will be expanding to include Maitreya once Lara X is released. They stated that there are “several improvements in the body that I’m sure you’ll love.”

Those are the only bits of factual, official information that was posted from Velour at the time. Now, they did also say, “we are also counting down the days to launch!” This has led to lots of speculation on release dates. It’s important to keep in mind that as of right now we do not have an official release date.

Over in Maitreya’s Discord, the brand’s General Manager, Gryphon, gave us a little more information. She stated, “We do not have a firm date for the release of the update. It’s coming, but we don’t work to deadlines, we just work till it’s done.” She also confirmed that Lara X will be a free update.

Maitreya’s First Official Announcement

We got our first official post from Maitreya over on their Facebook page on July 29, 2023. I’ve embedded the short video they shared for your convenience. It shows a transition from Lara 5.3 (the current version) to Lara X. While it’s only six seconds long, we are still able to see some of the physical updates that are coming to the body. If you’re having trouble seeing them, keep an eye on the shoulders, abdomen, and booty. These are where you can see the most noticeable changes they’ve shared with us visually. The clip is accompanied by a great description which you can read in its entirety over on the official post.

In that description, Maitreya lets us know that Lara X is “an entirely new version, a next generation of Lara!” They confirm they’ve heard customer requests for curvier, more detailed options. They’ve also heard creator concerns over some difficulties making products for the current 5.3 version of Lara. As a solution for both Maitreya is releasing a new version of their body, Lara X. Lara X will have “smoother weights and more detailed mesh.” They do acknowledge that the changes to the body means the current content that exists for Lara won’t work with Lara X, however they didn’t want folks to lose their wardrobes. As a solution, “every Lara mesh body owner or buyer will receive Lara X for free and also still the original Lara body, to wear with existing Lara wardrobes. You can switch between them effortlessly if you wish so.”

Additional Confirmed Information

Of course these two announcements aren’t the only place information has come from. So far we’ve also received some little tidbits from Maitreya’s Discord (and allegedly some from the official group chat as well, but I haven’t seen those with my own eyes and will only post here what I can confirm.

Petite and Flat

Gryphon confirmed in the Discord that Petite and Flat will be updated for Lara X. “Petite and Flat get change too. Not only do they get the X treatment – they are not going to be an add-on. They will be a full body – 1 attachment. So if you already have Petite or Flat, once this drops, you redeliver and you will get Lara 5 with your chest option and Lara X with your chest option.” Basically, instead of needing to wear your body and the chest addon it’ll be all one piece.

Product Compatibility

Gryphon also gave us some confirmation on items that we’ll still be able to use. “People have asked about existing appliers and such – that will all still work. So will shoes and um… hand-wear. Shapes still work, and this will not change anything about mesh heads either. The feet are still the same.”

Tarani Tempest, owner of Shiny Stuffs and a mod in the Maitreya Discord server, confirmed “Skin UV will remain SLUV.” Gryphon also confirmed that “The UV mapping is not changing.” So in addition to appliers your BOM Maitreya skins will still work.

Gryphon also said, “Don’t expect changes to the HUD.”

Gryphon confirmed, “Both versions (the current 5.3 and Lara X) will be supported going forward.”

Ren Flow, a mod in the Maitreya Discord server, let us know, “One change that I know will make people happy is that Lara X will support butt physics.”

Maitreya Lara X: The TLDR

I know some folks aren’t going to want to read all the details and that’s ok. So here is a quick list for you to get the basics of what we know.

  • Lara X is a free update.
  • We do not have a release date yet.
  • Your current clothing will NOT work on Lara X, however the original Lara body will still be included so you can use all your older Lara content.
  • Appliers, skins, shoes, hand products, and shapes will all still work with Lara X.
  • There are slight physical changes to how the body looks.
  • The Petite and Flat addons will be updated, and owners of these addons will receive them as a full body, not just an addon, upon release.
  • It sounds like the HUD isn’t changing much if at all.
  • Both the current Maitreya Lara body (5.3) and Lara X will be supported by Maitreya going forward.
  • Lara X will have have booty physics.

Again, I’ll be updating this post as I get more information. If you’re looking for information on Lara’s live release (5.3) you can do so at my Maitreya Lara listing over at The Mesh Directory.

For Your Convenience: Official Maitreya Links

These can help you keep up to date on any new changes as they are announced.

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