Quick Note: I’ll Be Away For September!

I’ll be away on vacation this month, so I won’t be able to respond to any comments or post new content for a bit!

While it may not look like much has happened on the front end, in August I did a huge revamp of The Mesh Directory. This included updating all the listings for the start of the month as well as adding listings for Rebirth’s RoX heads, SKING’s new Hulixa body, and more! When I return from vacation I’ll be checking the listings for any needed updates again (LOGO will be updated at that point) and adding some more items including Kalhene Erika and Malediction Anatomy.

I’ve also joked that Maitreya Lara X will be released while I’m gone. I want to stress that this is in no way rooted in fact! I’m simply excited for it and to make the listing for it and with my luck it’ll happen when I’m gone. So if it’s released while I’m away I’ll take that mental note and go on vacation earlier next time there’s a super hyped update so everyone can get it sooner, hah!

I hope you all have a great month and I’ll see you again in October!

Regeneration is Regenerating… Again!

Can you believe Regeneration has been around for six years? It started as a tiny little blog and look where it is now. It’s grown up so much!

From Then To Now

Regeneration started as a blog meant to help people of all experience levels find what they need to customize their avatars. In the beginning I did this by showcasing items from various brands and blogging multiple times a week about the various shopping events, free items, and products I came across. Over time I cut back on the posting frequency so I’d have time for both First and Second Life. I also cut back on the fashion posts. Why? There are already so many wonderful bloggers who have that covered. I wanted to give you a resource to find in depth information on the building blocks of your avatars and a place to compare various bodies, heads, and other mesh parts so you could choose what’s right for you. With this in mind The Mesh Directory was born.

The Directory has gotten lots of attention since its inception. It’s become a reference point for both experienced users considering swapping to new parts and for new users who are learning what options they may have. As time went on I realized it needed to become even more than what it was. I needed a way to allow you to browse the products visually so you have an idea what you’re interested in learning more about. As I added more and more products I realized you needed a better way to navigate the listings too. I tried a few different ideas, and finally found one that stuck. Today is the day it launches!

I welcome you to explore the newly revamped Mesh Directory!

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Putting the X in Gen.X (A Close-Up Look at Belleza’s HD Vagina)

This post is an NSFW extension of Belleza Gen.X – The New Bodies From Freya’s Creator. Make sure to check that one out too if you’re interested in Belleza’s Gen.X body. Gen.X is available at the Belleza Gen.X Event (October 1st – 31st.)

Belleza Gen.X Curvy and Classic bodies come with a bento vagina built right in. The first mention of it stirred up lots of curiosity in the brand’s Discord, so I decided to include a bit of a closer look at it for those who are interested in the X side of Gen.X.

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I Say Hey, What’s Goin’ On?

I love that song (and the meme) so I just couldn’t resist.

I do exist, I promise! While it hasn’t been obvious when looking at the home page, I’ve been busy busy at work on Regeneration. Most of my blog time has been work on The Mesh Directory, which you may have noticed. It outgrew the single menu dropdown, so now you can find Feminine, Masculine, and Furry/Other products each in their own dropdown menu in the site navigation. You can also access any listings from the Directory page itself as well as the comparison pages.

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All About Alphas

If you’ve ever purchased clothing or accessories in Second Life you’ve probably run into alphas. But what are they exactly, what are the different types, and which ones should you use? That’s what I’m here to help you with!

What Are Alphas

A woman's thighs are shown as she sits. Without the alpha her leg shows through her pants. With the alpha her leg does not show through her pants.

Before mesh body parts were a thing we used alpha layers to hide sections of our avatars. These layers were (and still are) a type of texture in our inventories that we wear. Once mesh bodies came out they needed ways to hide sections as well. Designers built alphas into the mesh itself to replicate what we were already doing with the alpha layers. These new alphas were (and still are) controlled by HUDs.

You most likely have used at least one of these alpha types before. And if you’ve used both types you probably know that, while handled slightly differently, they are both really similar and easy to use.

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Regeneration… Regenerated!

Yup, you read that right! I can’t very well tell y’all that anyone can regenerate without doing it myself, can I?

So… What Happened?

When I started the blog was found over at regenerationshapes.com. The site went by Regeneration back then, and shapes was just some blah addon because regeneration.com was already taken. I blogged multiple times a week for about a year – around 200 posts! Then life happened, like it does, and I had to stop for a while. A while turned into a while longer, and well, you get the drift. While I was away from blogging my domain expired, and I took that as an awesome sign to get a better one. So now I’m back with something that fits a bit better, Digital Regeneration! I’m cool with being referred to as Regeneration or Digital Regeneration, either is totally fine.

Changes Beyond The Name

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Regeneration is Regenerating!

Hey everyone! Today’s post is a little more personal than most, so you’ve been warned!

What’s Going On?

After a year of blogging I realized Regeneration wasn’t quite where I’d envisioned it. What started as an avatar creation blog morphed into more of a fashion blog with some helpful posts mixed in. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with fashion blogs (there are many awesome ones!) but that just wasn’t my goal for Regeneration. You all seem to agree! My top posts are all informative posts, things like how to use appliers, organizing your inventory, and if Gacha games are worth it. So I decided that 2018 would be the year Regeneration got back to its roots of helping you find the info you need to make your avatar exactly what you want.

Well 2018 came and along with it lots of off grid challenges, those of which I’ll spare you the details of. Lately I’ve been so busy, in fact, that you’ve probably noticed I haven’t been able to post as frequently as I used to. Again I had to figure out what direction Regeneration would be going. And where is it going?

What To Expect!

Regeneration is not going anywhere. What? Yeah you read that right. For now I, along with Regeneration, am taking a break. I need to focus on my off grid commitments and get my RL sorted before I can make time to focus on blogging. This is a good thing though! When I do continue you can expect the quality, informative posts you’ve come to love. I plan to branch beyond basics too, including avatars such as mermaids and children.

You may still see a post from me here or there about Free Dove (which I truly believe is one of the best first stops for new avatars) or other names you’ve gotten to know through the past year. Fear not, those names aren’t going to be forgotten or abandoned! They’ll still pop up, I promise. I’ll let you know when regularly scheduled blogging comes back.

Thank you all for your patience, your time, and your love. I really appreciate you.


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Taking Time

I’ve had a lot of unexpected changes in my life off grid recently. The side effects of these are taking up more and more of the time generally reserved for blogging. For an indefinite time I’ll be reducing my posting frequency. Don’t worry, you’ll still be getting all your Free Dove Fridays and posts about Fashion …

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Taking A Quick Break!

Hey everybody! Just a quick note from me, Asia, to let you know I’ll be away until September. Until I get back there will be no new posts, but there are lots of older posts you can check out while you wait!

I encourage you to visit the pages in the Info Hubs menu at the top of the page or search for content you may be interested in. Feel free to check out some of our most visited posts of all time: they’re listed below.

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