I Say Hey, What’s Goin’ On?

I love that song (and the meme) so I just couldn’t resist.

I do exist, I promise! While it hasn’t been obvious when looking at the home page, I’ve been busy busy at work on Regeneration. Most of my blog time has been work on The Mesh Directory, which you may have noticed. It outgrew the single menu dropdown, so now you can find Feminine, Masculine, and Furry/Other products each in their own dropdown menu in the site navigation. You can also access any listings from the Directory page itself as well as the comparison pages.

While there is a lot in the Directory already there is still more to go! I’m especially excited about adding the Piggu avatars Jonathan and June. More low cost options will be added as well, such as META’s Ava and Basic Neo. Furry/Other will be getting new listings as well with avatars from Teegle and Murder of Ravens.

Some of these listings show off products that will likely get full front page posts at some point. I know M.O.R’s Hellhund and Teegle’s Horse will likely be on that list along with a few other unique avatars. I can’t wait to show you all the new things I’ve been working on!

M.O.R‘s Hellhund and Teegle‘s Bento Horse Avatar relaxing at the Co-Work from Home at the Chief.

In addition I’m also working on updates to some of my most popular useful content. Individual posts (such as The P) and info hubs (such as Mesh Crash Course and The Newbie Hub) will be revamped to include more relevant content and make it easier for readers to find exactly what they need.

While it may not be obvious when glancing at the front page, I’ve still been hard at work uploading content to help you and others make your perfect avatars. The regular fun new front-page posts will be coming back soon, and I am looking forward to bringing you the fun new content again!


Head – LeLutka: Nova (Shape modified from their original)
Body – Maitreya: Lara
Skin – DeeTaleZ: Flora in European (Black Eyebrows)
Hair – Foxy: Chibi in Vivid
Rainbow Texture – L.L: Gay Pride Rainbow Textures
Pose/Expression – Self made with Lelutka’s Axis HUD
Sparkles – Added via Photoshop

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