Quick Note: I’ll Be Away For September!

I’ll be away on vacation this month, so I won’t be able to respond to any comments or post new content for a bit!

While it may not look like much has happened on the front end, in August I did a huge revamp of The Mesh Directory. This included updating all the listings for the start of the month as well as adding listings for Rebirth’s RoX heads, SKING’s new Hulixa body, and more! When I return from vacation I’ll be checking the listings for any needed updates again (LOGO will be updated at that point) and adding some more items including Kalhene Erika and Malediction Anatomy.

I’ve also joked that Maitreya Lara X will be released while I’m gone. I want to stress that this is in no way rooted in fact! I’m simply excited for it and to make the listing for it and with my luck it’ll happen when I’m gone. So if it’s released while I’m away I’ll take that mental note and go on vacation earlier next time there’s a super hyped update so everyone can get it sooner, hah!

I hope you all have a great month and I’ll see you again in October!

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4 thoughts on “Quick Note: I’ll Be Away For September!”

  1. Asia,

    I have been anxiously awaiting your return from a much deserved vacation. I have come to rely upon your blog for direction and ideas for my “regeneration” in Second Life. The experience has been truly enjoyable. My Maitreya Lara has made my Avi creation simple and rewarding. The Lelutka EvoX has been so versatile and adaptable that I have been able to create my own unique appearance and identity in Second Life, As I glamorize and accessorize myself in Second Life, I will continue to improve my Avi’s appearance, expression and identity. The Maitreya Lara X can only enhance that experience. I hope I hear the Lara X announcement from you first. You have been my inspiration as I have regenerated in Second Life. Welcome back!


    • Hi Trisha!

      Aww thank you so much! I love that you made an avi that you love and you’re having a great time, that’s awesome! Ahhh that truly makes me so happy <3

      I'll be posting about Lara X on my social medias the moment I hear of it's release and am able, however my post about it will come likely within the first few days after the announcement since I'll want to give more in depth information on it. To be one of the first to hear about the release I'd recommend keeping an eye on the Maitreya VIP group in world as well as their Discord, though I'm sure the buzz will be all over the place once it's released.

      I look forward to it as well!

  2. My regeneration is continuing to evolve as I grow and mature in this wonderous world. Asia has shown me the way and path to follow. Her passion has become mine. She has helped me to appreciate and adore the better me. I can hardly contain my excitement for the LaraX. I have always desired to be petite, delicate, soft and vulnerable. LaraX will make that transformation possible.
    Regeneration has been my inspiration. Asia provides us with the tools to use and a design direction to follow. Regardless, every aspect of our growth and development becomes totally unique and personal. As I have transformed I have discovered that I am not just an image of who I desired to be, but my true inner self with a persona reflective of my thoughts, feeling and heart. I am her and she is me.
    Best of all. This is fun!
    I am sure you share the same passion Lemondish.


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