Regeneration is Regenerating… Again!

Can you believe Regeneration has been around for six years? It started as a tiny little blog and look where it is now. It’s grown up so much!

From Then To Now

Regeneration started as a blog meant to help people of all experience levels find what they need to customize their avatars. In the beginning I did this by showcasing items from various brands and blogging multiple times a week about the various shopping events, free items, and products I came across. Over time I cut back on the posting frequency so I’d have time for both First and Second Life. I also cut back on the fashion posts. Why? There are already so many wonderful bloggers who have that covered. I wanted to give you a resource to find in depth information on the building blocks of your avatars and a place to compare various bodies, heads, and other mesh parts so you could choose what’s right for you. With this in mind The Mesh Directory was born.

The Directory has gotten lots of attention since its inception. It’s become a reference point for both experienced users considering swapping to new parts and for new users who are learning what options they may have. As time went on I realized it needed to become even more than what it was. I needed a way to allow you to browse the products visually so you have an idea what you’re interested in learning more about. As I added more and more products I realized you needed a better way to navigate the listings too. I tried a few different ideas, and finally found one that stuck. Today is the day it launches!

I welcome you to explore the newly revamped Mesh Directory!

The Mesh Directory Makeover

This took me a while to finish and I’m so excited to finally be able to share it with you! In addition to the following changes I already have new products I’ll be listing soon! Keep an eye out for new entries for SKING Hulixa, Rebirth RoX Rogue, and more.

The Main Page

The biggest noticeable change is the main Mesh Directory page. All listings are in one place again, however you can browse images of all the items in one spot. You can also easily filter between heads, bodies, adults bits, masculine, feminine, and non binary products. But you can’t always get an idea how an item will look by how it looks out of the box. Just mouse over the listing you’re interested in and the little listing card will flip. The flipped side will show an example of what that item can look like when used in a full avatar. Clicking on the listing image will bring you to the Directory listing for that item.

In addition to the new layout, you’ll also notice that the main Directory page is now behind an age gate. This is due to the nudity shown in the feminine bodies as well as the adult bits. As the site is hosted in the United States I unfortunately have to mark feminine nipples as adult content. As a result some of the listings have been age gated as well. If you have cookies enabled you should only have to confirm you’re of age once a year. If you’re being asked more than that and don’t want to be, simply enable cookies for this site. This change is being reverted. It’s come to my attention that it’s blocking a lot of users from accessing the content they need. In addition as there is no sexual content on the directory, only educational content, it’s not required at this time.

The Listings

Speaking of listings, I’ve revamped them as well! All the information you’ve come to expect is there, just in a much easier to read format. This should look better for everyone no matter what device you’re browsing from. Every listing now includes an example photo of how the item can look (the same one that’s on the listing card, but with full credits posted too!) All the current listings have been updated to the new format and have had their images updated so everything is uniform. That means all the HUDs are shown, all the contents of your purchase are visible just like they’ll look in your inventory, and all the images have transparent backgrounds. But why go through the hassle of updating over 60 listings to have transparent backgrounds?

Introducing Dark Mode

You’ve probably already noticed this change! I have added a dark mode option to Regeneration. The site is still designed with the familiar light mode in mind, however if that’s a bit too bright for you click the little dark mode icon on the lower left of the page and it’ll swap to dark mode. If your browser is already configured to use dark modes at certain times (or all the time) the dark mode will enable automatically. If you’re in dark mode and dislike it just click the icon again and you’ll be in light mode again.

Credits at bottom of post.

Mascot Update

While updating the listings and checking a variety of posts for accuracy I noticed that the main mascots of the site were a bit dated. It would look silly for me to make a big relaunch about making your avatar look awesome and then have an avatar from six years ago greeting you there!

I’ll also be updating the images in The Newbie Hub, The Mesh Crash Course Hub, and Making A New You, but I didn’t want to make you wait for those updates before The Mesh Directory changes went live. As I review the content in those sections I’ll also update the associated images.

From We to I

This change is tiny, but I still want to address it in case anyone is curious (or even notices!) I used to use we/our when referring to the blog within posts (“We’ll be updating this soon” as an example.) Regeneration has always been and likely will always be just lil’ ol’ me, Asia Ristow, behind the scenes. I decided my wording in posts should reflect this, and it gives me the freedom to be a little more personal with you all in my posts.

Most Importantly, Thank You!

Regeneration wouldn’t be where it is today without each and every one of you. From the residents who have been in Second Life from the start to the newest folks just reading my blog for the first time, you are the reason I keep posting and the reason Regeneration is alive. Thank you, sincerely. I hope you find Regeneration to be a helpful, welcoming place.

As always if you have any questions or wish to make your voice heard please hop right into the comments and let me know what’s on your mind!

Picture Credits

Head – LeLutka: Raven
Body – Meshbody: Legacy (f)
Skin– DeeTaleZ: Salma – Ice Princess (Celtic)
Skin Addons – DeeTaleZ: Inner mouth fix, “Vains” (arms, breast, hips), “brightenup” Sides, Contouring 2, CuteNose, Realface
Shape – Modified version of Lelutka‘s Raven default shape
Hair – Magika: Mood & Wispy Bangs
Brows – Just Magnetized: Hera Eyebrows
Eyes – AviGlam: Erudite Eyes: Pack 2 (Color 2b)
Ears – Swallow: Gauged S Ears
Earrings – Six Feet Under: Sedit Piercings
Tattoo – THIS IS WRONG: Love Cats
Eye Shadow – Suicidal Unborn: Salem Eyeshadow
Lip Concealer – CAZIMI: Lip Concealer
Lipstick – Top1Salon: Excuse Me Lipstick (nude Pale)
Shirt – Asteroidbox: Nia Shirt
Pants – Asteroidbox: Evlin Pants
Pose – Focus Poses: Kassie {pose5}
Location – My home. (House is by Trompe Loeil. Indoor decor is by Backbone. Coffee cup is by Mystress Weatherwax. Outdoors is Studio Skye and Hayabusa.)
Windlight (EEP) – DHS: Theoi Ouranioi Cycle

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2 thoughts on “Regeneration is Regenerating… Again!”

  1. Asia,

    I recently joined SL. So for it has been fun and fulfilling. I am updating my computer and viewer. When that happens I will begin to create my second life. I’m so very excited. Regeneration will be my guide. It is simply wonderful.

    I was introduced to Palmyra Mall by my first friend. I am now a Dove Angel. You have given me a direction I will follow. Thank you for your wonderful blog.


    • Hi Trisha! I’m so happy you’re finding Regeneration helpful, thank you so much for your kind message! I look forward to you being able to create your Second Life as well. I hope you have a wonderful time!


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