Putting the X in Gen.X (A Close-Up Look at Belleza’s HD Vagina)

This post is an NSFW extension of Belleza Gen.X – The New Bodies From Freya’s Creator. Make sure to check that one out too if you’re interested in Belleza’s Gen.X body. Gen.X is available at the Belleza Gen.X Event (October 1st – 31st.)

Belleza Gen.X Curvy and Classic bodies come with a bento vagina built right in. The first mention of it stirred up lots of curiosity in the brand’s Discord, so I decided to include a bit of a closer look at it for those who are interested in the X side of Gen.X.

Some skins such as this one from DeeTaleZ have options specifically for making the HD Vagina blend into your skin a bit better.

A Brief Overview

For users who are used to the PG crotch most mesh bodies have, the level of detail may come as a bit of a surprise. The bodies still allow you to use a PG option, so if NSFW isn’t your thing that’s okay you don’t ever have to turn it on. For those of you who are interested in having a touch more realism you can switch the X option on and have a more detailed vagina that can open.

While you can control the five states easily from the HUD, Belleza has confirmed that the body does have API support for third parties to control the states as well. This means furniture, partners’ genitalia, and other third party products can animate the vagina as well if they choose to do so. Anything that saves a few clicks can be pretty handy when it comes to NSFW options.

One thing to note is this vagina is bento. That means if you’re using other bento products that use the same bones they will not play nice together. If you use a tail, for example, you may want to look into Animesh tail options instead. While this is something NSFW users have dealt with for some time (bento vaginas are very popular), those who are new to NSFW features like this may not be used to the silly issues two bento objects sharing the same bones can cause. I’ve seen vaginas winking and even wagging back and forth when paired with a bento tail. It can be fun to see, but probably not what you’re looking for. As always, make sure to demo to make sure your styles play nicely with one another before making any purchases.

Update: Belleza has stated that a version of the body without the HD Vagina will be available in the future! This is great news for folks who don’t want to use the included genitalia but still want to use anything bento (tails, possible third party bento genitalia, etc.)

What Belleza’s Vagina Looks Like

I do want to preface this section with a note that at the time of publishing this body has not yet been released. As such creators haven’t had as much time to create for it and the products shown are just the start of Belleza Gen.X’s possibilities. DeeTaleZ has released a tattoo layer for their Belleza Gen.X skins to make the HD Vagina blend in seamlessly as seen in the image above. For this section I wanted to ensure you could see the vagina’s tones on similar skin tones, so instead I’ve used Not Found‘s body skins which (at the time of publishing) don’t have this option. This results in some darker patches on the skin above the clitoral hood as you’ll see below.

First are photos that show how the vagina looks from the underside in the PG and all spread states. While it’s easy to see the detail on the inner part, I do want to note that it isn’t just texture, there is actually some depth to it.

Click image for a larger view.

Below are these same states, but shown from a front view instead.

Click image for a larger view.

Here are the included skin tones. You can tint these via the HUD, but I wanted to show them exactly as they are in the HUD itself.

Click image for a larger view.

Will These Replace Third Party Vaginas?

I’ve seen people wonder this, and I believe the answer is definitely not. People like diverse options to choose from. Even just based on appearance some people will prefer Gen.X, but others may prefer Sensations or The V. In addition, folks who are familiar with Second Life’s NSFW scene likely have genitalia they prefer already, and not just because of the looks. The options to cum, pee, and bleed come standard with many third party vaginas. Some even include animations ranging from localized pulsing/throbbing to full body masturbation or sex animations. Some have sounds, some have body deformers, and some come with their own sex toys. Adult content in Second Life is an entire beast on its own, and I don’t think it’s quite realistic to expect something that fleshed out to be included with a body purchase.

This isn’t a sleight at Belleza by any means. In fact, if they were to include all these options they’d have to spend even more of their precious time developing these things. It wouldn’t be fair to expect all that extra work from a creator on top of a full body release either. Not to mention many users wouldn’t be thrilled with a (likely) price increase to make up for all that spent time as well. Will these sorts of things be added in the future? Time will tell! But I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Are you excited about these detailed options coming with your body’s purchase? Is it something you’re looking forward to using? Let me know in the comments!


Head – LeLutka: Avalon
Body – Belleza: Gen.X Curvy
Face Skin – Not Found: Janis (Peach)
Body Skins – Not Found: Hera Belleza X Fit
Shape – Not Found: Janis
Hair – TRUTH: Eclipse
Eyes – Avi-Glam: Trophy Eyes
Cover Pose – TheOriginalKeke: Seduction
Informative Posts Pose – 628: Lorelei

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