Belleza Gen.X – The New Bodies From Freya’s Creator

With two new bodies the Belleza Gen.X release has the potential to be a hit for both curvy and slender avatar lovers alike. As the creator of the wildly popular Freya and Jake bodies, Belleza is no stranger to making attractive mesh for various body types. I’m here to give you helpful information so you can decide if these bodies are right for you.

A Small History Lesson

For those who aren’t familiar with it, Freya was the go to curvy body for many users back when much of SL was focused primarily on more slender shapes. It has a dedicated enough following that when newer curvy bodies from other creators were released, many folks opted to keep wearing it instead of upgrading immediately or even at all. Freya has left big shoes for any new Belleza body to fill.

Freya vs Gen.X

Before even touching on the new bodies and how they compare to one another, I’d like to cover how they differ from Freya. Some users are hoping for a Freya style body with more features while others are excited at the possibility of something brand new. While the new bodies aren’t Freya, you can feel Freya’s inspiration in both. In fact, many Freya shapes I had in my inventory even worked as solid bases that required just a little tweaking to fit the Gen.X bodies. That said, not all of your previous shapes will play nice with Gen.X bodies, and your Freya clothing definitely will NOT fit Gen.X. They’re new bodies, time for new wardrobes!

Gen.X Curvy
Remember that shape, skin, and pose will all change how certain aspects of your body look.

All About Gen.X

Well, maybe not everything. Here you’ll find photos and basic info on both of the bodies to help you decide what’s right for you. In the coming days I’ll list Gen.X in The Mesh Directory where I’ll include full screenshots of the HUD, screenshots of everything that comes with the body, details of what it does and doesn’t include, price point (unreleased at the time of this post), etc.

Putting the X in Gen.X

So why the X in Gen.X? Both Gen.X bodies come with a “fully animated vagina” as announced by Belleza in their official Discord. I can’t include photographs of the adult bits in this post without me having to age-gate the entire thing, so for now I’ll simply leave you with the knowledge that it exists and it is optional. You can keep it off if you so choose and your body will have the basic little crease like most modern bodies currently have. If you’re interested in learning more check out my post Putting the X in Gen.X (A Close-Up Look at Belleza’s HD Vagina).

Basics of the Bodies

Both Gen.X Curvy and Gen.X Classic have the same features, so I’ll tackle those here first. Both bodies include a ton of options right in the HUD. For instance, the Style tab (one of four customization tabs) holds a BOM toggle, skin tones, optional freckles, nipples, nail options, and control over applier layers. Each of these sections also allows full independent control over alpha mode, glow, materials, etc. This means you can have different shine levels for your nipples and your skin, among other things. The HUD also includes various hand and feet poses, nail shapes, nipple options, and alpha cuts.

Gen.X Classic
Remember that shape, skin, and pose will all change how certain aspects of your body look.

Curvy vs Classic: A Quick Overview

The Gen.X release includes two options: Curvy and Classic. As the name suggests, Curvy is designed for users who prefer the thicker looks, and Classic follows the more traditional slender mesh body style. Classic will likely appeal to lovers of Legacy and Maitreya-esque style bodies while Curvy is more likely to be the focus for Reborn and Kupra fans. The big places you’ll notice the differences are the breasts and the booty; Curvy’s are more exaggerated while Classic’s let you go a bit smaller.

Even if you are gravitating toward one, I strongly suggest you demo both bodies and play with shapes, skins, and other products you plan to use with Gen.X before making your purchase. You may go in with your heart set on one body to find that the other suits your needs even better. I’ll get more in depth on what specifically comes with the body in the Directory listing, however buyers will be pleased to know there are products from multiple designers included with the purchase of the bodies. You won’t be stuck naked when you first unpack your body (unless you want to be!)

I can describe things all day, and that won’t really give you a good visual. So here are both both bodies using the same skin, shape, and generic pose. The only difference in these images is the body itself. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Click image for full view.

Belleza Gen.X Event

Of course a body needs a selection of products in various styles to be appealing for the general userbase. Thankfully Belleza already has this covered! Gen.X is releasing at the Belleza Gen.X Event (October 1st -31st) alongside products for the body from over 80 designers as seen in this image.

Click to see a full size version of this image.

It’s not just the event designers either. Nearly two dozen more designers are officially participating in the release with products in their own shops as well. The list below has links to each location so you don’t have to hunt them down yourself. Note: The products shown are available as part of the entire release and may not reflect items listed beside them. Click the images to see a larger version.

Event products shown from left to right:
Cubic Cherry Fran (clothing)
Kaithleen’s Hanzi Autumn (top) & alme. Mesh Nails Chromes Matte (nails)
Thalia Heckroth Ornella Dress (clothing) & 1313 Mockingbird Lane Mystical Choker (leg chains)

Event products shown from left to right:
FACS Belle Basics (clothing)
Off-Line Jora Set (clothing)
Odd Doll Ella Set (clothing) & LittleFish Layla (leg chains)

Are you excited for Belleza’s new bodies? Do you think you’ll be swapping to them anytime soon? Let me know in the comments!


Curvy Body

Head – LeLutka: Avalon
Face Skin and Tattoos – DeeTaleZ: Salma Ice Princess
Body – Belleza: Gen.X Curvy
Body Skin – DeeTaleZ: Belleza Gen.X Skin – Celtic

Shape – Modified version of DeeTaleZ shape for Lelu EvoX AVALON (Elf Ears) / Skin “Salma”
Hair – Yomi: Enyo
Event photos used various stands from Tuty’s Selfie or Belfie Curvy Bombshell AO.

Classic Body

Head – LeLutka: Ryn
Face Skin – Heaux: Winter (Rose Kiss)
Body – Belleza: Gen.X Classic
Body Skin – VELOUR: Ipanema Body for Belleza Gen X – Slim (Rose Kiss)

Shape – Modified version of Diversity Shapes Jade Gift
Hair – Yomi: Duri
Event photos used various stands from Tuty’s Charismatic and Magnetic AO.

Cover Image

Bra, Garter, and Thong – Mon Cheri x Belleza: Gen.X (included with body. Textures shown are part of the addon listed below)
Slip Skirt – Mon Cheri: Gen.X Lingerie Addon

Pose – Backbone: Upside down (used here with Modular Lounge Sofa)

Comparison Image

Bodies – Belleza: Gen.X Curvy and Gen.X Classic
Skin – Belleza: Gen.X Bodyskin Tone 09 with Freckles

Pose – Firestorm Pose Stand: Arms downward, Legs together

Body Rotation Videos

Pose – One Moon: Naturally 2

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  1. I use a freya today in a “curvy shape” for long years , so this new one Genx curvy looks interesting . But so boring and cost a lot to change all my clothes and layers for this new one, But sure I will test it.
    A pity that there is no “magical” tool to transform Freya clothes in Gen x clothes


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