Visually Organize Your Second Life Inventory With Wardrobe

Your Second Life inventory can be a scary place. It’s so easy for it to balloon out of control. Have you ever been browsing your items and thought “I forgot I had that!” Or perhaps you remember those awesome shoes you loved but you can’t find them no matter how hard you try? That can be a thing of the past with Wardrobe.

I’m going to preface this by saying I started writing this blog post on August 9, 2020 but every time I opened it up to add more I just ended up wanting to Wardrobe more so I’d get distracted. I “Wardrobed” 500 items in less than a month because I’m just having way too much fun.

What Is Wardrobe?

A Second Life avatar in black lace and boots stands in front of her Wardrobe.

Imagine if you could open your closet and see all your Second Life clothes, shoes, etc. Now imagine grabbing it off the rack and then putting it on. That’s Wardrobe in a nutshell. It’s an inventory management system that allows you to see visual representations of everything you have. You can even get dressed right from Wardrobe too! Just a click and your shirt is on. Or your whole outfit is on. You choose. The high levels of customization make it perfect for pretty much anyone with an inventory. Yes, even you who just installed yesterday. And yes, even those like me who have 14 years worth of inventory built up.

While Wardrobe is worth it on its own, I find it most helpful while using the Archive add-on. This is a separate purchase that makes boxing up your unused inventory super easy. Imagine all those items you never use being tucked away safely, but in a place you can still browse them and see what you have. Wardrobe has another add-on called Rulebook which allows you to automate putting things on/taking them off, RLV commands, and more. All in all I’ve found Wardrobe and its add-ons to be the most helpful, most comprehensive inventory management tools out there.

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A Foxy Welcome to Fall

Avatar inspiration focused posts are less in depth than most of my other content, but still credit everything used.

A Trip to SalemA second life avatar with vampire makeup and red fox ears smiles at the camera.

Salem in Second Life, that is! Salem is a lovely Halloween themed shopping event that runs through October 31. There you’ll find a wide variety of fun including gachas, gore, cute friends, and more! I picked up a few cat pets that I can hold or have hang out with me and even a little bat to sit on my shoulder. I absolutely loved it!

And of course, because Halloween is my favorite, I also got sooo many things. When throwing them on so I could organize my inventory, I realized I looked super cute and had to share it with you all.

This hair is one of my favorites. Ever. I’m generally a Truth girl as many of you know, but FOXY has been really winning me over too! I’ve snagged a few of their hairs recently and am really impressed. This style, Feline, has the ears built right in. You can also style it to remove the ears and have a two tone hair instead. Super awesome!

The makeup here is by Suicidal Unborn. I love the lipstick because it came with multiple options, many of them combinations of red and black (my fav).Their lipstick was sold separate, but the rest of the makeup (and brows) all came in one purchase. It even had 4 other makeup styles as well. Definitely worth checking out if this is your style.

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Lelutka River: The Androgynous Head

For many people the mesh head is the most important part of their avatar. Which head you choose impacts not only the shape of your face, but also how smooth your animations are and what your facial poses look like. A huge amount of personality comes through in your face, so making sure your head works for you is very important. Of course by using shapes and skins you can change the appearance of a head, but most heads kept you looking either fairly masculine or fairly feminine. Lelutka River is a head that can very easily do both (or neither).

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Maitreya Flat Chest & V-Tech Boi Chest: A Comparison

Prefer a feminine body and flat chest? You’re not alone! The V-Tech Boi Chest was created to fill this exact need, and has been a staple for many Second Life users for years now. Maitreya released their Flat Chest Add-on at The Itty Bitty Titty Committee event in September 2020. Both have a price point of L$499. This post is to go over each product and help you decide which is better for you.

V-Tech Boi ChestA second life avatar using a Maitreya body and V-Tech Boi Chest stands mirroring himself. He is bare chested and his mirror image has a leather top.

V-Tech created the main flat chest mod for Maitreya back in 2016. Since then it’s gained quite the following and has the support of multiple skin and clothing designers. Their products have been featured at various events and their customers absolutely love it. 

There are two versions included with your purchase: the regular version to use with appliers and the BOM version. The applier version has tattoo, underwear, and clothing layers that match up with Maitreya’s body and can be controlled via the V-Tech HUD. It’s Omega compatible and can also be modified with your own custom textures. The BOM version uses the system layers, so it cannot be used with appliers.

Overall it’s really rather straightforward and easy to use. When you put it on it will automatically hide the sections of the Maitreya body required. If you use the applier one you’ll have to apply your skin after putting the chest on so it matches your body. Please note you’ll need the Omega version of appliers since Maitreya appliers won’t work on the V-Tech. If you’re using the BOM version just pop it on and it’ll adjust to your BOM skin right away.

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Genus is Back – Free Head Still Available!

As you may know, Genus heads have not been available for purchase on and off for a few months now. They’re officially back now with a 40% off discount, a free gift, and lots of excited customers bursting through the doors.

What Happened

Genus was the target of a DMCA complaint made earlier this year. Yesterday the owner of Genus announced an end to the situation and that the store would be back up today. I can confirm that the store is up and running in world, though the Marketplace (understandably) appears to still be empty at the time of this post.

The Group

Their group (which is free to join) has the free head and demo versions of all their heads conveniently in the group notices. If the group link in the last sentence doesn’t open your viewer automatically, just copy and paste the URL into your viewer’s URL box. The group will pop right up. I mention this before anything else because if you can avoid going to the store today, I highly recommend it. It’s been super busy so not only is it hard to get into, the average user will find it pretty laggy. The group is 100% the way to go if you want to chat about Genus, get the free gift, or try on demos.

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Coming Soon: The Mesh Directory

Three Second Life avatars, each with different heads and bodies.

So you want a new body or a new head but there are so many options to choose from. Narrowing the options down to find the perfect one can feel overwhelming. While I can’t choose what you buy, I can at least try to help make the process easier, faster, and less stressful.

Why Now?

When I first started updating my avatar to mesh I wanted to know everything about everything. At that time there were only a few mesh heads and bodies to choose from, but it was still a chore to find the details for each one without bouncing all over the place. Comparing them took a fair amount of research time and effort. That’s what drove me to create Regeneration in the first place. I wanted to provide an easy stop for all things to do with avatar creation and customization.

At the time there was one blog that handled mesh bodies and heads specifically: Mesh Body Addicts. It was an amazing resource and helpful to me and many others. As that part of things was covered by MBA, I took the focus of Regeneration elsewhere and worked on things like the Mesh Crash Course and The Newbie Hub. Unfortunately MBA is no longer active. It has recently come to my attention that many people are looking for a resource like they previously offered. I’ve decided to do what I can to help in that regard.

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Draconic Possibilities With BOM

Avatar inspiration focused posts are less in depth than most of my other content, but still credit everything used.

BOM – Not Just For Heads & Bodies

Three Second Life avatars with horns, scales, tails, and bright makeup wearing braids.
7DS Klaasje in Dust, Amina in Fudge, Magna in Sand

Bakes on Mesh has become very popular for heads and bodies. It lets you use system layers instead of appliers for skins, tattoos, etc. But did you know it’s not only for those parts? This post uses three products that use BOM in ways you may not expect: horns, tail, and draconian legs.

All three products are from Aii and use the BOM layers you’re already wearing. If you change your BOM skin the colors on these products change too, as seen in this image using classic layers from Deadly Skins. The horns come with various tattoo layers that can be used (and layered). The legs come with tattoo layers as well, however they can be used over the full body, not just the legs. The tail uses a HUD to apply and adjust tattoos. There are many possibilities available with each product.

One other neat part of this avatar I want to mention is the shiny scales. These are not BOM tattoos, but actually the materials layer. They look extra awesome when you’re in motion since they react to light. They’re shiny just like mermaid scales. You can adjust them using the materials portion of your HUD. These are from This Is Wrong, and they have so many different types in different styles.

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PsiCorp’s Dragonwolf (SFW ft. Stealthic/Vista)

Avatar inspiration focused posts are less in depth than most of my other content, but still credit everything used.

Stealthic & Vista’s Verge

The hair in this post is a team effort from hair creator Stealthic and animation expert Vista Animations. This braid includes two purchased parts. Stealthic’s portion is the hairbase and a rigged version of the braid that can be posed over either shoulder or hanging behind you. Vista’s portion includes an animesh braid that includes a basic AO. It’s pretty fun to see your hair swish back and forth while you’re walking. You can demo this at both Stealthic and Vista‘s stores. I hope to see more collabs like this in the future!

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PsiCorp’s Dragonwolf (NSFW ft. Sensations)

Avatar inspiration focused posts are less in depth than most of my other content, but still credit everything used.

PsiCorp’s Dragonwolf

Psicorp's Dragonwolf Second Life avatar is shown without wings.
Pose- Foxcity: Stardust 7m

PsiCorp is one of Second Life’s furry avatar creators. They offer a variety of SFW and NSFW content at their store. This post showcases their Dragonwolf which is, as you guessed, a dragon/wolf hybrid. In this post it’s shown with a Maitreya body, however it’s also compatible with other mesh bodies and with PsiCorp’s core bodies. It’s optimized for their native bodies, so it’ll be seamless when using it with them. They do create genitalia, however I didn’t use the PsiCorp genitalia in this post.

Note: This post is 18+, however there is also a SFW version which also dives into the animesh hair made by Stealthic and Vista Animations!




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