PsiCorp’s Dragonwolf (SFW ft. Stealthic/Vista)

Avatar inspiration focused posts are less in depth than most of my other content, but still credit everything used.

Stealthic & Vista’s Verge

The hair in this post is a team effort from hair creator Stealthic and animation expert Vista Animations. This braid includes two purchased parts. Stealthic’s portion is the hairbase and a rigged version of the braid that can be posed over either shoulder or hanging behind you. Vista’s portion includes an animesh braid that includes a basic AO. It’s pretty fun to see your hair swish back and forth while you’re walking. You can demo this at both Stealthic and Vista‘s stores. I hope to see more collabs like this in the future!

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PsiCorp’s Dragonwolf (NSFW ft. Sensations)

Avatar inspiration focused posts are less in depth than most of my other content, but still credit everything used.

PsiCorp’s Dragonwolf

Psicorp's Dragonwolf Second Life avatar is shown without wings.
Pose- Foxcity: Stardust 7m

PsiCorp is one of Second Life’s furry avatar creators. They offer a variety of SFW and NSFW content at their store. This post showcases their Dragonwolf which is, as you guessed, a dragon/wolf hybrid. In this post it’s shown with a Maitreya body, however it’s also compatible with other mesh bodies and with PsiCorp’s core bodies. It’s optimized for their native bodies, so it’ll be seamless when using it with them. They do create genitalia, however I didn’t use the PsiCorp genitalia in this post.

Note: This post is 18+, however there is also a SFW version which also dives into the animesh hair made by Stealthic and Vista Animations!




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The Physics Cock: An In-Depth Look at “The P”

If you’ll be doing anything nude, you likely want a good set of genitals so you don’t look like a Ken doll with your clothes off. Second Life penises can be a lot more in depth than just looks though! Many have extra features such as animations, sounds, and even HUDs to let your partner control what’s going on down there. Today I’ll be showing you my personal favorite Second Life cock, ASA Animation Standards Alliance & Session Skins’ “The P”. To see a quick, easy, and up to date overview check out The Physics Cock’s entry in The Mesh Directory.

Note: While the images in this post show the cock modeled on a feminine avatar, it was designed for masculine bodies and works even better on them!

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BOM (Bakes On Mesh): What It Is and Why You Want It

You’ve probably seen advertisements for BOM, or Bakes on Mesh, products. It’s becoming more and more popular with heads, bodies, and even some other avatar parts. This post will dig into what BOM actually is, how it impacts you, and why you want to give it a shot.

What is Bakes on Mesh?

BOM is Linden Lab’s newest avatar customization feature. Before digging too far in, let’s cover why it’s called Bakes on Mesh. “Baked” textures are multiple textures that have been combined into one. Previously this could only happen on system avatars (ones that weren’t using mesh). “Mesh” refers to imported 3D objects (ones that are not native to the grid). While mesh is used for all sorts of objects, we’re going to be talking about avatar parts here. Heads and bodies are the most popular mesh parts, but things like tails, ears, and even adult bits can be mesh too. Bakes on Mesh, at it’s most basic, means textures are combined into one and applied to mesh.

In this image you’ll notice that the visual quality doesn’t suffer between BOM and applier.


So what’s the difference?

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Regeneration… Regenerated!

Yup, you read that right! I can’t very well tell y’all that anyone can regenerate without doing it myself, can I?

So… What Happened?

When I started the blog was found over at The site went by Regeneration back then, and shapes was just some blah addon because was already taken. I blogged multiple times a week for about a year – around 200 posts! Then life happened, like it does, and I had to stop for a while. A while turned into a while longer, and well, you get the drift. While I was away from blogging my domain expired, and I took that as an awesome sign to get a better one. So now I’m back with something that fits a bit better, Digital Regeneration! I’m cool with being referred to as Regeneration or Digital Regeneration, either is totally fine.

Changes Beyond The Name

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Animesh: What It Is & How To Use It

Animesh has been live on the grid for a few months now. With Firestorm recently updating to support it more and more people are curious about how it works.

What Is It?

Animesh is SL’s way of letting objects use rigged mesh and animations just like our avatars can. This gives creators the ability to design objects that can move like avatars. A quick search of the Marketplace shows various animals, toys, and humanoids created with animesh support. Objects that look like avatars are becoming more and more common. These can be used to make sims feel more populated or even keep people company when their friends aren’t around.

Animesh and Avatars

So why am I telling you this when Regeneration is an avatar blog? Because it can impact our avatars as well! There is more freedom than ever before when it comes to animating objects. This includes objects we add to our avatars such as tails, ears, and naughty bits.

It doesn’t stop at body parts, though. Have you ever had a cute cuddly pet that you wanted to hold and snuggle? Now you can, and it can animate too!

Even though animesh came out late last year, it’s still fairly new. I’m sure we’ll start seeing even more animesh exploding into the market over the next few months.

How Do You Use It?

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Regeneration is Regenerating!

Hey everyone! Today’s post is a little more personal than most, so you’ve been warned!

What’s Going On?

After a year of blogging I realized Regeneration wasn’t quite where I’d envisioned it. What started as an avatar creation blog morphed into more of a fashion blog with some helpful posts mixed in. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with fashion blogs (there are many awesome ones!) but that just wasn’t my goal for Regeneration. You all seem to agree! My top posts are all informative posts, things like how to use appliers, organizing your inventory, and if Gacha games are worth it. So I decided that 2018 would be the year Regeneration got back to its roots of helping you find the info you need to make your avatar exactly what you want.

Well 2018 came and along with it lots of off grid challenges, those of which I’ll spare you the details of. Lately I’ve been so busy, in fact, that you’ve probably noticed I haven’t been able to post as frequently as I used to. Again I had to figure out what direction Regeneration would be going. And where is it going?

What To Expect!

Regeneration is not going anywhere. What? Yeah you read that right. For now I, along with Regeneration, am taking a break. I need to focus on my off grid commitments and get my RL sorted before I can make time to focus on blogging. This is a good thing though! When I do continue you can expect the quality, informative posts you’ve come to love. I plan to branch beyond basics too, including avatars such as mermaids and children.

You may still see a post from me here or there about Free Dove (which I truly believe is one of the best first stops for new avatars) or other names you’ve gotten to know through the past year. Fear not, those names aren’t going to be forgotten or abandoned! They’ll still pop up, I promise. I’ll let you know when regularly scheduled blogging comes back.

Thank you all for your patience, your time, and your love. I really appreciate you.


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Heart Stopper

Surprise! Double post today! 😉

Sinfully Sweet’s Heart Stopper Golden

Sinfully Sweet has brought this gorgeous dress to Dazzle for January. This dress is a sexy addition to your closet. Depending on how you wear it (yay mix & match options) you can go casual or semi formal. The pattern is enough to draw the eye but not be distracting. Plus it hugs your curves in all the right ways!

My absolute favorite part of this dress is the detail in the laces. Make sure to check out the close ups in the Pics & Credits section to see how lovely they are.

The dress fits Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, TMP, and 5 standard sizes. The boots are designed for Maitreya Lara and Slink Physique, however if you make use of alpha layers to hide portions of your legs and feet they may work for other bodies as well.

The Heart Stopper Golden set is available for L$180 at the Sinfully Sweet booth. Make sure to drop by before Dazzle closes on the 25th of the month.

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Free Dove Friday: January 19, 2018

Since discovering The Free Dove, I’ve decided to showcase one look a week with items from the store. Welcome to Free Dove Friday!

This week showcases shoes from Rebel Hope.

Fast Facts On The Brand

  1. Rebel Hope
    • Formal and casual attire as well as shoes
    • Attire for both genders
    • Marketplace has nearly 2000 items

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Make Those Eyes Pop

Dulce Secrets brings us bold eye makeup to kick off the year.

Flight of Fancy

Do you love vibrant looks? This is the eye shadow for you. It includes eight brilliant styles to match all your outfits. Check them out below!

The set includes all the styles shown. It comes with Omega, LeLutka, and Catwa appliers as well as classic tattoo layers. Flight of Fancy is available now for L$99 at the Dulce Secrets booth at Dazzle.


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