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This is an overview of the Rebirth Eden Female mesh body for Second Life avatars. If you’re looking for the Male version please check here. A bundle including both is available for a discounted price. For more mesh heads, bodies, and adult parts head on over to The Mesh Directory.

Basic Info

Rebirth Eden Female body in Second Life shown from the front, side, and back
Click to see examples of this body as a young girl and a teen.

Creator – Rebirth
Product – 
Eden Female
Price – L$2790 for body only
L$3290 for bundle with Genesis Eden head
L$3290 for bundle with male body
L$3790 for bundle with Genesis Eden head & male body
Review Version – 3.0

Included Parts

Body – Yes
Head – No (Can be purchased in bundle)
Hands – Yes
Feet – Yes
Skin –  Yes (10 tones)

Copy Yes
Transfer – No
Mod – No

Appliers, BOM, and Compatibility

Tattoo Layers – No (N/A)
Underwear Layers – 
No (N/A)
Clothing Layers – No (N/A)
Applier Save Slots –  No (N/A)

Materials Enabled – Yes
Omega Compatible – No
Bakes on Mesh (BOM) – Yes 
Universal Neck Standard ?When used with the same skin tone, heads and bodies both using the Universal Neck Standard result in a seamless neck. No
Additional Neck Sizing Options – Yes


The Rebirth Eden HUD.

Pros and Cons

Other pros and cons to consider that haven’t been mentioned above.


  • Rebirth’s bodies are billed as all in one bodies. You’ll find they are extremely versatile. You can be a child, teen, adult, or anywhere in between all with one body. The breast sizes are all controlled via HUD as well, so you can very easily be a flat chested adult without any extra purchases. With the full version you can even swap between masculine and feminine with the same body.
  • The neck can be adjusted for seamless use with male or female heads right from the HUD.
  • The feet animations are revolutionary. When swapping between flat, high heel, etc the feet actually move into that position instead of just snap into place. Rebirth compatible shoes also move with the animation. You can see it in action here. It’s definitely worth checking out.
  • The creators are very friendly and helpful. I sent them a notecard and heard back within 48 hours. In addition they kept in touch and made sure any questions I had were answered.
  • If you purchased the Eden body before the Genesis head was released you can get a redelivery that comes with the head for free!


  • In order to be so versatile the body is rigged in a very different way compared to other bodies. Your current shapes will have to be adjusted to work with Rebirth bodies. In addition you’ll find longer hairs don’t sit flat against the chest, but instead out further from the body than expected. You’ll want to use hair that doesn’t go below the shoulder in the front.
  • While there are other brands making clothing for Rebirth, it’s nowhere near as easy to find third party outfits as it is for the bigger name brands. You cannot use clothing made for other bodies with Rebirth. There are different styles of first party outfits available right now, however, with more clothing being added regularly since the release.

What’s In The Box

A list of everything that comes with the Rebirth Eden body as seen in the inventory.

Release Updates

Version 3.0

1. Male & female necks now follow the standards for a perfect matching with Genesis heads and others well known head brands to prevent neck line issues.
2. Male skins have been colored with the same tones as the female + flat ones and are compatible with Genesis heads.
3. Add a set of tintable BOM neckfixers to solve your potential body + head skin color problems when dealing with different brands.
4. The vagina fixer is no more BOM.
5. Always add the new NippleHD tattoo if you want to display your HD nipples.

Version 2.1

1. Fixbug : now hands accepts alpha layers.
2. Neck fixer has been removed cause all modern heads are based on the SL standard sizes.
3. Belly and Pelvis BOM fixers has been removed because they are not really useful and source of misunderstood.
4. Add BOM Bulge fixer in male + full version body for more realism and compatibility with common male sex on the market.
5. Add BOM vagina fixer and its color picker in female + full version body for more realism ( ADD the provided tattoo layer to display the texture ).

Version 2.0

1. New male breast completely redesigned for a better rendering.
2. All male skins are also updated to match the new breast. 10 tones are available as usual.
3. Some shapes has been added & updated for all genders.
4. A notecard for the shapes is now available with the complete values to be copy/paste if you want to keep your head shape unchanged.
5. The skin can be now directly tinted in RGB thanks to a dialog box from the HUD.
6. The feet can be unlocked by pressing once again the active shape. This feature concerns only the body not the shoes products.
7. A material applier has been added for designers to play with the body shininess and bumpiness.
8. The nails section has been updated. You have now 4 different shapes that works for both hands and feet. Each nail can be customized individually.
9. A nail applier for designers has also been added. You can play with a set of 8 textures for hands and feet. Each texture can handle up to 30 colors or patterns.
10. The dev-kits of the appliers are available at the mainstore or marketplace for free and contains a README file to configure your products.

Do you have a Rebirth body? Tell me what you think.
Are there questions you have that I didn’t answer? Ask away!
Would you like to see more info included? Let me know.
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