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This is an overview of the Piggu June mesh body for Second Life avatars. For more mesh heads and bodies head on over to The Mesh Directory.

Basic Info

The Piggu June body
Clipping is a result of the standard pose I use to make it easy to compare bodies. Using Poses/AOs made for wider bodies can cut down on clipping.

Creator – Piggu
Product –
Price – L$900
Review Version – 2.0

Included Parts

Body – Yes
Head – Yes
Hands – Yes
Feet – Yes
Skin –  Yes

Copy Yes
Transfer – No
Mod – Yes

Appliers, BOM, and Compatibility

Tattoo Layers – No
Underwear Layers –
Clothing Layers – No
Applier Save Slots – No 

Materials Enabled – No
Omega Compatible – No
Bakes on Mesh (BOM) – No
Universal Neck Standard ?When used with the same skin tone, heads and bodies both using the Universal Neck Standard result in a seamless neck. – No
Additional Neck Sizing Options – Yes (fits standard SL neck)


The HUD for the Piggu June avatar

Pros and Cons

Other pros and cons to consider that haven’t been mentioned above.


  • This is one of the most realistic body shapes for heavier folks I’ve seen on the grid.
  • June comes with almost everything you need right in the box. Hair, skin, clothing, etc. Even physics!


  • Poses and AOs tend to clip on larger bodies. You’ll want to make sure to demo anything of that sort to make sure you like how it looks before purchasing.
  • The body does not have a ton of third party support. If you want a huge wardrobe this may not be the body for you.

What’s In The Box

The inventory that comes with the  Piggu Jonathan avatar

Do you have Piggu June? Tell me what you think.
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Would you like to see more info included? Let me know.
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