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This is an overview of the LeLutka River mesh head for Second Life avatars. Almost all the information also applies to the other LeLutka Evolution heads, however the photos are only of River, and the list is what comes with River. Other heads may have slightly different content. For the older line of LeLutka heads check out the Origins Line. For more mesh heads and bodies head on over to The Mesh Directory.

Basic Info

Creator –  LeLutka
Product – 
Price – L$3990 currently (L$5000 full price)
Review Version – 2.0


Body – No
Eyes – Yes
Ears – Yes
Head – Yes 
Skin – Yes (4 BOM face skins)

Copy Yes
Transfer – No
Mod – No

Included Customization

Eyebrows (Applier) – No
Eyebrows (BOM) – Yes (4 BOM layers)

Hair bases (Applier) No
Hair bases (BOM) Yes (2 masculine styles in 5 colors. 4 feminine styles in 8 colors.)

Makeup (Applier)Yes (6 HD Eyeshadows & 6 HD Lipsticks in HUD)
Makeup (BOM) Yes (4 blushes, 4 eye shadows, 4 sets of freckles, 3 highlight intensities, 3 intensities of under-eye wrinkles, 3 intensities of smile lines, and 4 lipsticks, 3 costume masks, 3 bloody lips)

Eyes (Applier) Yes (12 colors via HUD)
Eyes (BOM) No (Supported, but no textures included)

Teeth – Yes (9 variants of teeth/mouth textures and 5 different teeth shapes in HUD. Braces and gems are separate objects.)
Lashes – Yes (12 via HUD)
Piercings – Yes (19 different piercings come boxed together.)

Expressions & Animations

Eye Control – Yes
Typing/Voice Animations – Yes (6 styles including 4 talks and 2 sings)
Static Expressions –
Yes (43 options)
Facial Animations –
Yes (38 mood options)
Included Gestures – Yes (36 boxed)

Appliers, BOM, and Compatibility

Tattoo Applier Layers – No (BOM tattoos only)
Applier Save Slots – 

Materials Enabled – Yes (eye makeup, lips, mouth, eyes, and skin all controlled separately via HUD)
Omega Compatible – Partially (For Skin, Lashes, and Eyes ONLY)
Bakes on Mesh (BOM) – Yes
New Neck Standard – Yes


The Lelutka Evolution HUD for River
Click to view HUD at actual size

Pros and Cons

Other pros and cons to consider that haven’t been mentioned above.


  • The Evolution Line from LeLutka are their newest products and designed entirely around BOM.
  • LeLutka is a popular designer, so there is widespread support for their heads.
  • River is designed to be non binary and can be used for feminine, masculine, and androgynous looks.
  • The HD makeup allows for materials and high quality makeup appliers to be used even when using BOM skins.
  • The facial animations are great quality and multiple moods can be toggled at the same time.


  • Being BOM focused you can’t use all applier products on them. Tattoos, hair bases, etc cannot be used unless they are BOM.
  • A lot of the static facial expressions are unnatural looking. There are a few really nice ones, but many are very exaggerated.
  • While this head is a non binary one, the neck only fits Lelutka compatible female bodies, not men’s bodies. It would be nice to see it compatible with both in the future.

What’s In The Box

  • **About your product
  • **Update Log
  • Alpha.Mask (APPLIER Head, BOM Eyes/Body)
  • Alpha.Mask (APPLIER Head/Eyes/Body)
  • Alpha.Mask (Bom Head, APPLIER Body/Eyes)
  • Alpha.Mask (BOM Head/Body. APPLIER Eyes)
  • Alpha.Mask (BOM Head/Eyes, Applier Body)
  • Creator.Kit.LeLUTKA
  • LeLUTKA voice level 01
  • LeLUTKA voice level 02
  • LeLUTKA voice level 03
  • LeLUTKA.Brows.River.001
  • LeLUTKA.Brows.River.002
  • LeLUTKA.Brows.River.003
  • LeLUTKA.Brows.River.004
  • LeLUTKA.BrowShapes.River
  • LeLUTKA.DefaultShape.River
  • LeLUTKA.Eyes.River
  • LeLUTKA.Face.River.001
  • LeLUTKA.Face.River.002
  • LeLUTKA.Face.River.003
  • LeLUTKA.Face.River.004
  • LeLUTKA.Facelight.Add
  • LeLUTKA.HD Beard.HUD
  • LeLUTKA.HD Beard.River
  • LeLUTKA.Head.River
  • LeLUTKA.Head River (static ears)
  • LeLUTKA.HUD (f)
  • LeLUTKA.HUD.Testing.Add
  • LeLUTKA.Teeth
  • LeLUTKA.Teeth.Braces
  • LeLUTKA.Teeth.Gems
  • Unpack.LeLUTKA.BOM.AddOns (f)
  • Unpack.LeLUTKA.BOM.Hairbases (f)
  • Unpack.LeLUTKA.BOM.hairbases (m)
  • Unpack.LeLUTKA.Gestures
  • Unpack.LeLUTKA.Piercings.River
  • Update.My.River

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