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This is an overview of the Inithium Kupra mesh body for Second Life avatars. For a super in depth look at everything to do with this body check out this in depth post.  As always I strongly encourage you to demo before making any final purchases. To browse other mesh heads, bodies, and more check out The Mesh Directory.

Basic Info

Product Specifics

  • Creator – INITHIUM
  • Product –  Kupra
  • Price – L$3999
  • Review Version – 2.21

Included Parts

  • Body –  Yes
  • Head – No
  • Hands – Yes
  • Feet – Yes
  • Skin – Yes


  • Copy – Yes
  • Transfer – No
  • Mod – No


Bakes on Mesh (BOM)

  • Bakes on Mesh (BOM) – Yes


  • Skin Appliers – No
  • Cosmetic Appliers – Yes
  • Applier Save Slots –  Yes
  • Omega Compatible – No


  • Materials Enabled – Yes
  • Universal Neck Standard ?When used with the same skin tone, heads and bodies both using the Universal Neck Standard result in a seamless neck.Yes
  • Additional Neck Sizing Options –  No


Click the image to view the HUD at actual size.

Pros, Neutral Notes, and Cons

Other things of note to consider that haven’t been mentioned above.


  • Kupra has enough widespread support that it’s fairly easy to find products made for it.
  • The body is very recognizable with its exaggerated breasts and booty. This works well for specific stylized avatars.

Neutral Notes

  • While the body can be worn all as one piece, using separate hands or feet is easy if needed. Simply use the Full Body to wear it all at once and the Body to wear it with no hands or feet. Separate hands and feet are included too.
  • The lack of alpha cuts in the HUD encourages designers to make their own alphas for each product. This means they can make clothing that fits in any way and isn’t limited to preset cuts. It also reduces the body’s overall complexity.


  • The breasts do not scale down very well. Once you get into smaller sizes they go flat. If you prefer a petite chest check out their version for smaller breasts and flat chests called Kupra Kups!
  • The butt is also large and doesn’t scale down well for petite shapes. INITHIUM does have another body (Khara) with a more realistically proportioned bum and chest.

What’s In The Box

Click the image to view the inventory contents at actual size.

Official INITHIUM Links

Example of INITHIUM Kupra In Use

Head – UTILIZATOR: M4 Venus
Body – INITHIUM: Kupra
Head Skin – Enfer Sombre: Yumi
Body Skin – MILA: Inithium (Vanilla)
Tattoo – Aii & Ego: Ooame Underarmor (venom)
Shape – Modified version of Enfer Sombre‘s Yumi Shape.
Deformers – Botched: Inithium Waist 1 x Belly 1, ThighD_2
Hair – Yomi: Duri
Wings – Ambix: Toony Wings
Tail – NeverWish:
Horns – NeverWish:
Outline – CREATiCA: Animated Cell Shader
Dress – VOBE: Nadia Dress
Shoes – Glutz: Albedo Heels
Pose – Overlow Poses: Poses Gift 3
Location – My private home (most everything you can see is from Studio Skye. Mushroom is VRDz.)
Windlight (EEP) – Bryn Oh: Bryn Oh’s BOX MetaLES (This may be included as part of your viewer. Search your inventory and see!)

Do you have the INITHIUM Kupra body? Tell me what you think.
Are there questions you have that I didn’t answer? Ask away!
Would you like to see more info included? Let me know.
Always feel free to use the comment section.

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10 thoughts on “INITHIUM Kupra | The Mesh Directory”

  1. I do not own this body. It appears to be nice from the photos. Is a demo available? Since there is no creators supporting it at this time you would be nude and the body would stay in adult areas or a private box. For this reason they should have considered offering it at a deeper discount to introduce it.

    • There is a demo! You can get it at their marketplace store or their in world location. The in world store has been super packed though so it’ll be tricky to get in if you’re looking to do so today (and possibly through the weekend).

      There are actually a fair amount of creators already supporting it. I’ll be doing a bigger post on the body shortly, but they already have support from names such as Vanilla Bae, Renegade, Ramen, Worldwide, Sweet Tart, Signal, Sibella, Memoire, IYF, Misfit, and more. Their discord has third party designers sharing their work as well for easy browsing. For a body that’s only been around for 2 days it has quite a lot of support.

      The body is actually already being sold at a very deep discount. The full price is 3,999 and the discount price is 2,520. that’s roughly 37% off for a body that already has a variety of clothing options and is compatible with most of the shoes in people’s closets.

  2. Brought this mesh body yesterday and I have to say I am very impressed. The hud is very user friendly and you can adjust the body shape easily and it even works better with body enhancers like the Body Thickner from Must Trade store. Better than the Legacy in my opinion.

    I am looking forward to seeing what other developers can come up with ideas this new mesh body.

    • I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what designers bring out, too!If you’re not already in their Discord make sure to join. They have a third party ad channel that makes it so easy to browse new things.

    • Currently none are officially out specifically for Kupra, but some people in the Discord have mentioned the Sking vagina works well with it. I’ve also heard rumors that Kupra will be developing their own lady bits. Unrigged ones may work too, such as VAW’s XTC Unrigged version. I’d highly recommend demoing anything you consider, though. There’s also rumors other adult companies are planning to design specific ones for it as well. It’s still pretty early (body has been out for a week) but time will tell!


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