Rebirth Body Eden: Defying Age & Gender Limits

Have you ever wanted to swap from male to female, child to adult, and everything in between all with one body? Now you can! Rebirth has created a body with that much versatility. You can purchase the Male and Female versions independently, however if you purchase the full version it’s all included in one body and one HUD. For this post I used the full version. For an easy-to-compare look at the bodies check them out (Male and Female) on The Mesh Directory.


Rebirth was born out of the desire for simplicity. The creator, Angie, had helped so many new players get their avatars up and running. As you know, it can be a bit overwhelming and complicated for newbies. She was made super aware of this while working with them. After trying a few different ideas to help make avatar customization easier, she decided to create a body herself. She and her associate Skull worked tirelessly to design a body that would be easy to use, low on lag, and use the latest SL innovations (such as BOM). They wanted to make their body fun and different from the other bodies on the market. Eden was born.

The Body Itself

Eden definitely stands apart from the other currently available bodies. It allows you to be a convincing child, teen, or adult depending on your shape. The Full version of the body even allows you to swap genders with just a shape swap and the click of a HUD chest option. I actually made all the characters seen in this post with just the one Eden body. Impressive, huh? Oh, and they’ve entirely revolutionized feet (more on that below)!

For a breakdown of what comes with the body, what it’s compatible with, pricing, etc. please check out the listings for the Male and Female versions of Eden on The Mesh Directory.


Another core part of the customization is the HUD. Here I’m showing you the Full version HUD, however the HUDs are similar for the male only and female only bodies as well. The HUD itself is pretty self explanatory (yay simplicity!) so I won’t dig into the specifics of what every little thing does. There are a few things I do wanna touch on, though!

The Breast section is probably the area with the most noticeable changes when it comes to age and gender. The options can be used no matter what shape you’re using. You can use the male chest with the female shapes, The small breasts with the male shapes, etc. Feeling more masculine one day and more feminine another? Just a few clicks and you can make your body match you.

Aside from the age and gender range, one of the coolest things about this body is the feet. Many bodies allow you to change the foot position, but how many animate that change? Rebirth does! You use the HUD to change your foot position. When you do you can actually see your feet move gently from each pose to the next. Not only that, but compatible shoes will also move along with the foot! It’s something that sounds cool, but is even cooler to watch. Check out this video by Rebirth showing it off.


The foot movement isn’t the only reason you’ll want to use Rebirth specific shoes. Like many other bodies, you’ll need to purchase clothing made specifically for your body. This is actually even more important with Eden. In order to get the full range of age and gender the body is rigged differently than other bodies. What this basically breaks down to is that mesh clothing that is not made specifically for Rebirth will not work on Rebirth. BOM clothing will work totally fine, though!

Thankfully Rebirth has a variety of mesh outfits and styles to work with (as seen in this post). Their store has various avatars in different outfits on display in the main room. In the room to the right you’ll find an easy-to-shop collection of vendors on the walls. You can easily see what you may like, grab a demo to test it out, and make any purchases.

Right now there are a few third party designers working with Rebirth, but as it’s a new body you won’t (yet) find the multitude of options that the more popular bodies have. A quick Marketplace Search for Rebirth Eden brings up various products you can use that are made specifically for the body. As of this post about a quarter of them are third party, which isn’t bad for such a new body! You can also find third party outfits in world at stores such as Mon Style (they just released some amazing Succubus boots).

You can find clothing at events as well. At the time of this post IBTC has the Eden outfit seen in this post on Baby. Sense Event has the really cute Sarah Dress.

For notifications when new clothing comes out make sure to join their official group Rebirth Friends.

Meet the Family

This section will give some info on each character I’ve created for this post. Each is using the Eden body and Rebirth clothing, but other items to make them unique.


Majer is the adult woman I’ve created for this post. She is named for the CATWA’s HDPro MajerSoft head I used for her.

The shape I used was the Eden Female (normal breast). I modified the head/face shape to adapt to MajerSoft. In the HUD I used the normal chest option.

She’s wearing the Sandra sweater and leggings. The leggings are one of the designs included with the fatpack. I do have to say I absolutely love the fatpack options in the Sandra set. There are so many beautiful nature styles. The sweater is the color Snow, but also available in the fatpack. Her shoes are the Sandals Heels in the color Dark.

You can see everything I used to get the rest of her look in the credits at the bottom of the post.


Alan is the adult man I made. I picked his name based on his head: GA.EG’s Alan.

His shape is the Eden Male (male breast) shape. As with Majer, I did modify the shape’s head and face so it worked with Alan’s head. I used the male chest option in the HUD.

His outfit is the George set (shirt and shorts) in the color Dark. His shoes are the Teen Basket shoes using one of the fatpack options. One thing I really love about the gradients of matching sets is how well they work with one another. You see here the fade from blue to black to blue. You’ll see River (below) has a similar fade using red and black.

You can see everything I used to get the rest of his look in the credits at the bottom of the post.


Baby is our teenage girl for this post. Any guesses on how I named her? Yuuuup that’s right. She’s using the Baby Face head by Genus.

The female and full versions of Eden come with three shapes for the teenage female: average, skinny, and chubby. This post is using Eden teen average (small/flat breast). The head and face shape was again modified to match the head. I did also change her leg length just slightly. She’s using the small chest option in the HUD.

Her outfit is one of my favorites in this entire post! It’s the Edana Halloween Outfit! You can find it over at IBTC through October 23, 2020. I’m a Halloween nerd, so the design alone made me fall in love with it. BUT IT GLOWS! Seriously! It’s really awesome, especially in the dark. And those cute little spider shoes!

You can see everything I used to get the rest of her look in the credits at the bottom of the post.


Our teenage boy is River! He’s named after – you guessed it! Lelutka’s River head. I found the androgynous style worked amazing for a teenage boy.

His shape in this post is Eden teen boy (male/flat breast). His head and face shape has been altered to match the head. He’s using the male chest option.

His outfit is my other favorite! I wish I had this for all my men’s bodies. He’s wearing the Skylar set. The jacket is part of the fatpack. The shirt and pants are both the color Dark. The shoes are the Teen Basket shoes in Tomato. I had a lot of fun playing with the logo designs on the back of the jacket and on the front pocket. With the fatpack there’s just so many variations!

You can see everything I used to get the rest of his look in the credits at the bottom of the post.


And now to the younger kids. Ava is using the GA.EG Ava head.

Her shape is the Eden little girl (small/flat breast). Her head and face shape has been changed a bit to work with her head. She’s using the flat chest HUD option.

Her outfit is really cute and I had fun putting it together. Recognize the dress? It’s a different version of the one Baby is wearing. Ava’s is the Edana dress Fatpack. The kitty logo on it is just too cute. Her shoes are the Flat Sandals Fatpack. If you look closely you may see she has tiny little ladybugs on the straps! There are other options too, including flowers and skulls.

You can see everything I used to get the rest of her look in the credits at the bottom of the post.


And finally we meet Lance. He’s named after the Ravenwood BJD Lance head (Mesh Directory link coming soon).

He’s using the Eden little boy (flat breast) shape. I did adjust his face and head shape to match the head better. He’s using the flat version of the chest in the HUD as well.

Have I mentioned how much I love versatility yet? He’s actually wearing the same shirt as Alan is (George shirt)! His is the fatpack version which let me add the little logo on it. He’s wearing shorty shorts in Lagoon. His sandals are Flip Flap in teal.

Is It For You?

No matter how cool a body is, it all boils down to if it’s right for you. Personally I believe Eden is a solid choice for anyone who wants to be able to easily swap between ages or genders without having to invest in multiple bodies. Roleplayers, family bloggers, and various photographers come to mind. It can be a nice body even if you don’t want to change often. The male look isn’t super buff which is a refreshing change for many. The female look can easily swap from a fuller to a more petite breast quickly as well. And of course: demo demo demo. Always demo. This will ensure you know exactly how everything works and if you absolutely love it.


A Second Life family stands in front of their home


  • Body – Rebirth: Eden
  • Shape – Rebirth: Eden Female (normal breast) with face changed to match head.
  • Head – CATWA: HDPro Majersoft
  • Skin – DeeTaleZ: Rafaela in Nordic
  • Hair – Truth: Poetry in Brown
  • Eye Shadow – Izzie’s: Smokey Eyeshadow 1
  • Lipstick – Booty’s Beauty: Darkside Lipstick 1
  • Shirt – Rebirth: Sandra Sweater (snow)
  • Pants – Rebirth: Sandra Leggings (Fatpack)
  • Shoes – Rebirth: Sandals Heels (Dark)


  • Body – Rebirth: Eden
  • Shape – Rebirth: Eden teen average (small breast) with face changed to match head.
  • Head – Genus: Baby Face W002
  • Skin – DeeTaleZ: Rafaela in Nordic
  • Hair – Truth: Ambriel in Multitone 2
  • Choker – Contrax.: Meow Choker
  • Dress/Jacket/Shoes/Panties – Rebirth: Edana Halloween


  • Body – Rebirth: Eden
  • Shape – Rebirth: Eden little girl (flat breast) with face changed to match head.
  • Head & Face Skin – GA.EG: Ava (ST2 – Nude)
  • Body Skin – DeeTaleZ: Upper for V-Tech in Nordic
  • Neck Blender – Izzie’s: BOM Neck Blender 06
  • Eyes – LAQ: bento eyes [Brown]
  • Hair – Truth: Scout in Blonde
  • Choker – Aii: Purple Moon Choker
  • Dress – Rebirth: Edana Dress flat (Fatpack)
  • Shoes – Rebirth: Flat Sandal (Fatpack)


  • Body – Rebirth: Eden
  • Shape – Rebirth: Eden Male (male breast) with face changed to match head.
  • Head/Hair – GA.EG: Alan
  • Skin – Sweet’s: Basic Male Skin tone 3 – Base
  • Eyes – LAQ: bento eyes [Brown]
  • Shirt – Rebirth: Georges Shirt (Dark)
  • Shorts – Rebirth: Georges Short (Dark)
  • Shoes – Rebirth: Teen Basket (Fatpack)


  • Body – Rebirth: Eden
  • Shape – Rebirth: Eden teen boy (male breast) with face changed to match head.
  • Head/Hairbase/Eyebrows – LeLutka: River
  • Head Skin – Session: Niko No Brows (tone00b)
  • Body Skin – Rebirth: Male Tone 4
  • Neck Blender – Session: Neckfix (tone00b)
  • Hair – WINGS: TZ0525 in Gray
  • Shirt – Rebirth: Skylar Shirt (Dark
  • Jacket – Rebirth: Skylar Jacket (Fatpack)
  • Pants – Rebirth: Skylar Pants (Dark)
  • Shoes – Rebirth: Teen Basket (tomato)


The Rest

  • House – Linden Lab: Mountaineer Premium Home
  • Deck/Walkway/Flowers – D-VINE DESIGNS for BELLISSERIA: LOG HOME MOUNTAINEER ADD ON-b cover and screened porch up deck sidewalk plants
  • Cat in Jack-o-lantern – Black Bantam: Pumpkin Candy Hidden Kitten 2 in 1 Pinks / Red
  • Family Pose – Kokoro: Friends 5
  • Alan’s Pose – Kokoro: George 5 (Fatpack Exclusive)

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