The Basics Of Second Life Hunts

Note: While the images in this blog post are from 2017, the content has been reviewed and updated for 2020.

Hunting in Second Life may conjure up the image of virtual big game shooting experiences. While that probably exists on grid, it’s not what we’re talking about today; we’re focusing on shopping events! Second Life hunts are a fun way to collect items for both your avatar and your home. Here are the very basics of hunting events in Second Life.

What Exactly Is A Second Life Hunt?

Imagine if a scavenger hunt, hide and seek, and some Second Life goodies were all shaken up together. The result? A Second Life hunt! You’re given a place to start looking and then you scour the area for the product. Usually the product is boxed in a themed shape such as a little coin, apple, or animal. Once you find the product you activate it (usually by touching or paying) to receive the gift and a hint about the next item to find. Most hunts only run for a set amount of time, so make sure to check the dates before you start!

Hunts can be free or they may have a charge. They may hide all the items in one sim or in locations all over the grid. Each and every hunt is different and appeals to different people. One person may enjoy a smaller hunt with items that aren’t too hard to find while another may prefer spending hours looking for many tricky items.

How To Hunt

A blonde woman stands in front of a cage.
The dress and cage from this post’s featured image were both found in the Gorean Grid Hunt.

While it may seem overwhelming at first, Second Life hunting is actually one of the least complicated things you can do in the game. If you can move your character and control your camera you’re already set to hunt. Simply find where to begin (this is usually given to you wherever you learn about the event) and start searching!

Sometimes the items are hidden very well and sometimes they’re out in the open. Make sure you look from the floor to the ceiling and try not to get frustrated. Hunts are a game, so if you aren’t having fun take a break and come back later. If you get stuck feel free to ask for hints; many hunts have groups specifically for this purpose.

For more a detailed list of tips and tricks I highly recommend Isabeal Jupiter’s hunting guide.

Where to Find Second Life Hunts

Second Life Hunts can be found a few different ways. If you have a store you absolutely love make sure to keep an eye on their newsletters, event walls, and group announcements. Most stores will let you know when they are participating in a hunt. This is super convenient since you know that you already support at least one of the brands involved in the hunt. A good example of this is Noble Creations. The store has an informational wall and table near the landing point to advertise the events they’re affiliated with.

If you’re not looking for a particular brand you can keep an eye on a hunting blog such as HuntSL. Each of their posts will tell you the theme, cost, size, and other helpful information about each hunt. Sometimes with blogs give a sneak peek at the hidden prizes, too!

I enjoy hunting when I want to deck out my home, my avatar, or just need some fun. What are your favorite types of hunts?


A female Second Life avatar stands in front of a cage.
Head – LeLutka: Simone 2.2
Body – Maitreya: Lara
Hands – Vista: Bento Prohands
Shape – Regeneration: Asia
Skin – Glam Affair: Artic, Europa, or Asia 
Hair – TRUTH: Wind (Blondes)
Eyes – Amacci: Infinity Image Eyes
Dress/Tattoo – Firefly: Desert Bird
Cage/Pose: Coveted!: Animated Antique Cage (escape)
Background – Linden Labs: Wizard’s Retreat
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