The Basics Of Second Life Hunts

Note: While the images in this blog post are from 2017, the content has been reviewed and updated for 2020.

Hunting in Second Life may conjure up the image of virtual big game shooting experiences. While that probably exists on grid, it’s not what we’re talking about today; we’re focusing on shopping events! Second Life hunts are a fun way to collect items for both your avatar and your home. Here are the very basics of hunting events in Second Life.

What Exactly Is A Second Life Hunt?

Imagine if a scavenger hunt, hide and seek, and some Second Life goodies were all shaken up together. The result? A Second Life hunt! You’re given a place to start looking and then you scour the area for the product. Usually the product is boxed in a themed shape such as a little coin, apple, or animal. Once you find the product you activate it (usually by touching or paying) to receive the gift and a hint about the next item to find. Most hunts only run for a set amount of time, so make sure to check the dates before you start!

Hunts can be free or they may have a charge. They may hide all the items in one sim or in locations all over the grid. Each and every hunt is different and appeals to different people. One person may enjoy a smaller hunt with items that aren’t too hard to find while another may prefer spending hours looking for many tricky items.

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Using The Second Life Marketplace

While some of these photos quite old, they are still relevant! The photos are from 2017, but the content has been checked for accuracy and relevancy for 2020.

The Marketplace has millions of items to choose from. Shopping there can seem overwhelming at first, but it doesn’t have to be. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about mastering shopping Second Life’s Marketplace.

Why The Marketplace?

There are various ways to shop in Second Life. In world has malls and stores (which I’ve discussed in another post), but on the web we have the Marketplace. I generally prefer Marketplace shopping as you can find very specific items and read reviews with ease. Whenever I want to shop for something specific, the Marketplace is my go to. When you have a vague idea of what you’re looking for it can still be beneficial by showing you multiple items from various sellers all at once. This can be awesome when looking for a certain color shirt or even an entirely new outfit!

Shopping Second Life’s Marketplace: The Basics

Shopping the Marketplace is similar to other types of online shopping. If you’ve used sites like Amazon you already have an idea of what to do. Shopping Second Life’s Marketplace is a little different though, so here is a guide on how to use it the most efficiently for your needs.

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Shopping In The Second Life World

Note: While the images in this blog post are from 2017, the content has been reviewed and updated for 2020.

Similar to real life, Second Life shopping can be quick and easy or time consuming and in depth. You can go to a mall just to window shop, or you can find what you need via the web by browsing the Marketplace and heading right to the location in world. This guide will help you find what you need when shopping in world.

Second Life Shopping In World: The Basics

With the Marketplace as an option it may seem silly to shop in world. Why browse through the game when product searches are more specific on the web? For the exact same reason you’d go to the mall instead of shopping Amazon, of course! You can see how things look in the world instead of just product advertisements. Watching the people around you to see what they’re interested in is a lot of fun too!

Getting Started

Second Life is a vast world filled with thousands of sims. Knowing how to navigate them is the key to finding what you need in game. After logging in, your first step will be to open the search. I prefer using the Websearch tab for shopping since it’s a lot neater and easier to navigate. Make sure you select Places from the dropdown menu if you’re specifically looking for store locations. Then simply search for what you need (I find the more broad the topic the better), check out descriptions for the results that interest you, and select a place to teleport.

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Find Your Fashion

This series is currently in the process of being updated. While most of the information is still relevant I’m going through and updating the content as well as the images to ensure they are still accurate and current.

This is part 4 of the 5 part series Making A New You.

Avatar fashion is a huge industry in Second Life. Everywhere you go you’ll find people sporting their own style and individuality. The endless options make it easier to bring your dream avatar into reality. Make sure you still have that list handy from Part 1, you’ll need to know what’s left to acquire!

Demos vs Free Content

Similar to purchasing body parts and hair, demos are an important part of the Second Life avatar fashion industry. Demos are generally free or next to free versions of the product for sale. They tend to have a trait (such as incomplete textures or extra shapes floating around) that is visually displeasing to deter you from using it instead of the full priced product. While the price tag may look tempting, demos are not made for use beyond testing the product out on your avatar. Think of it as a sample taste of the final product. After all, you wouldn’t know if something fits without trying it on first, right?

Some products don’t have demos, especially low cost or free products. These products are commonly referred to as freebies, dollarbies, and gifts. As the names imply, freebies cost nothing and dollarbies cost 1L$. Gifts don’t have a set price, but tend to be inexpensive. Low cost products exist all over Second Life, however finding decent quality ones takes a bit of patience and hunting.  If you’re interested in keeping things free (or close to it) I highly recommend browsing The Free Dove.

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