Shiny Stuffs MOD: So Many Possibilities

Shiny Stuffs has brought another super in depth CATWA makeup applier to Fashion Dazzle this month. Learn about just how versatile it is and even mix and match some of the possibilities right in this post!

What’s In The Box?

Let’s start off by looking at what comes with your purchase.

  • 2 textures showing how to tint on CATWA HUDS
  • 2 textures showing off the ad for the product
  • Informational notecard
  • Shiny Stuffs Landmark
  • MOD CATWA Appliers HUD

The HUD is where all the magic comes from. From the HUD you’ll have access to the following:

  • Eye liners
    • Each pencil on the HUD contains one style. Each of the 12 styles is available in both black and tintable white.
  • Lashes
    • The HUD shows a preview of the 3 styles.  The lashes are available in both black and tintable white.
  • Lipsticks
    • These come in the colored versions only, however just like all makeup appliers they can be slightly tinted.

The MOD CATWA Applier can be purchased at the Shiny Stuffs booth at Fashion Dazzle for only L$150!

The Lashes

These eye lashes really stand out and I absolutely love them.  Each is available in the plain black or in white which can be used for tinting. They really don’t need much explanation on looks, however tinting may or may not not be something you’re familiar with.

Tinting Tricks

Tinting allows you to make a white makeup applier/layer any color you want by using your body part’s HUD. For this applier you’ll be using your CATWA HUD to tint. Shiny Stuffs actually includes two textures explaining how to use the tint feature on CATWA HUDs. Both are very similar, so I’ll share the bento one here with you so you have an idea what to expect.


Liners & Lips

The eye liners are similar to the lashes in that they have both black and tintable white options. There are so many fun styles! You can see them in the mix & match slideshow a bit further down.

The lips are all very vibrant and beautiful. While they don’t come in white options they can still be modified using your CATWA HUD. Tint is an option, but that will change the coloring of the lipstick. Instead you may want to give blend a shot. The blend option lets you modify the opacity of the layer.

The graphic on the left shows off the blend section of the CATWA HUD as well as how that translates to your avatar. Make sure you have the correct body part AND layer (lower or upper) selected or you won’t notice a difference while playing with the slider.



Mix & Match For Yourself!

This is my favorite part. Below you can see all the eye liner designs and all the lipsticks. The first liner is shown in black, however all the others are the white options with various tints. The lipsticks are shown at 100% opacity so you can see how vibrant they are. Just mouse over the image and use the arrows to make your own combinations!



Head & Shape – CATWA: Lona
Body – Maitreya: Lara
Skin – 7 Deadly s{K}ins: Lyric in Sand
Hair – TRUTH: Ophelia in Blonde
Makeup – Shiny Stuffs: MOD CATWA Appliers
Pose – FOXCITY: Beauty-3m


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