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This series is currently in the process of being updated. While most of the information is still relevant I’m going through and updating the content as well as the images to ensure they are still accurate and current.

This is part 1 of the 5 part series Making A New You.

So you’ve decided you want to make a new avatar. This can be simple or especially complex depending on the individual. Maybe you already have an idea of how you want to look, or you may only know that you dislike your current avatar. Perhaps it feels outdated in spite of having a style you adore. Maybe the newest products have caught your eye. But where do you even start?

What Type Of New Avatar Do You Want?

Imagine your new avatar. Don’t worry about how complex or expensive it may be just yet, we’ll handle that in Part 2. You don’t need to be too specific if you don’t want to be, we’ll get to the details later. Ponder over this list if you need a place to start:

  1. How many different appearances will your avatar have?
    • Want one look that you can use anywhere?
    • Need multiple genders or species?
      • How similar would you like the characters to look?
  2. What is your avatar’s purpose?
    • Trying to get a specific job in Second Life?
    • Looking to role play in a themed setting with others?
    • Want to wander around, look cool, and have a good time?

Generally speaking, your wants form an idea of what direction you may wish to go. Perhaps you learned you’d like to be a dragon flying over the forest, or maybe you want to model the newest fashions in a store. It’s important to realize you’re not limited to one thing either. Many people have multiple avatars to choose from, not to mention multiple outfits for each. If you just want one that’s totally fine too!

What Do You Need To Make What You Want?

Feel free to let your imagination continue running, but this time we’re going a bit deeper. Your needs build upon your wants.  You need specific items in game to make your avatar. Definite needs are things that you can’t be successful without. Possible needs are things that you may not require to start, but will help make your dream avatar a reality. I can’t possibly lay out your specific needs here, but I can give a few examples to get you started.

  1. Avatar: A male elf for role playing in a fantasy setting
    • Definite Needs
      • Male body, skin, and hair (More on these in Part 3)
      • Elf ears
      • Clothing appropriate for the setting (More on these in Part 4)
    • Possible Needs
      • A bow for fighting
      • A combat Animation Override or “AO” (More on these in Part 5)
  2. Avatar: A high end female fashion model
    • Definite Needs
      • Top of the line body, skin, and hair (More on these in Part 3)
      • Different colors and styles of makeup (More on these in Part 4)
    • Possible Needs
      • A selection of outfits
      • A professional Animation Override or “AO” (More on these in Part 5)
  3. Avatar: An anthropomorphic wolf to hang out at furry clubs
    • Definite Needs
      • A wolf body/head/tail/paws (More on these in Part 3)
    • Possible Needs
      • A casual Animation Override or “AO” (More on these in Part 5)
      • Clothing

Congratulations! You finally have the framework for your new avatar complete. You’ll likely discover new ideas while shopping and exploring, and you can add those to your need lists as you go. You now have a concept of what to look for when building your dream avatar.  In Part 2 we’ll go over the basics of Lindens and how they play a role in your Regeneration.

Share your ideas or ask for specific guidance in the comments section.


A Second Life avatar with red hair and a black dress sits at a table and drinks wine while looking offscreen.
Head – Lelutka: Nova
Body – Maitreya: Lara
Skin & Shape – Session: Niko
Hair – TRUTH: Kitten in Greyscale
Eye Shadow (BOM) – Izzie’s: Smokey Eyeshadow 3 (+undereye) dark
Eye Shadow (HD) – Top1Salon: Insta Eye Shadows
Lipstick – Top1Salon : HD Two-Faced Lipstick
Tattoos – Letis Tattoo: Cat Goddess
Choker – Virtual Disgrace: Tattoo Choker
Outfit – r2: Enyou (black)
Pose – :  LAQ Decor: with furniture
Face Pose – Lelutka: Axis HUD Face
Location – Otter Lake
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