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This series is currently in the process of being updated. While most of the information is still relevant I’m going through and updating the content as well as the images to ensure they are still accurate and current.

This is part 2 of the 5 part series Making A New You.

Whether your budget is tight or you have money to spend, avatar cost is a factor in redesigning your character. If you have the concept of what you want from your avatar you know what sort of things you need to get to build it in world. If you don’t have an idea what you want make sure to check out Part 1.

How Much Does An Avatar Cost?

When purchasing items you will need Linden Dollars (L$), the currency of Second Life. The conversion rate varies, so make sure to check the LindeX to see what you can afford. While they can be earned in game, they are more commonly purchased when large amounts are needed. Acquiring Lindens can be a massive post in itself (perhaps one I’ll make in the future!)  For now you need the knowledge that for your dream avatar you likely need some Lindens.

Avatar cost varies greatly. You can get thousands of items for free (The Free Dove is a great place to start), but most good quality items usually come with a price. Setting a budget for yourself may help prevent you from overspending. You can make an avatar for little to no money, though your options are far more limited than if you’re willing to spend even a few dollars. If keeping cost down is important you’ll take more time hunting for sales and low cost content both in and out of the world. For tips on shopping in Second Life, check out my guides for shopping in world and on the Marketplace.

When To Spend

There are, however, items that I personally believe it’s worth investing in. If you’ll be using something a lot it’s worth it to get something you can use for a long time that does a great job. For me and many others that’s the basic avatar: body, head, and hair. If you make a basic creation that you adore you likely won’t have the desire to stray from it in the near future. If you need many faces, you might invest in a head that can be customized on your own so you can make multiple characters with one purchase. I’ll get more into the specific pieces and what they can do in Part 3, but for now remember that it’s your money, you decide what is worth investing in!

No matter what you need to get, ensure you’re spending (or not spending) your Lindens in a way that is right for you. Don’t go spend half your paycheck on things you don’t know if you need or will use. Purchase things you know you’ll use and make notes and landmarks of things you may want to check back on later. Part 3 will cover how to find the basic avatar items that are right for you, and Part 4 will cover finding the clothing and accessories you need to stand out!

Does your avatar cost a lot or do you save as much as possible? Let me know in the comments!


A Second Life avatar with red hair and a black dress stands with a bag in front of messy shelves.
Head – Lelutka: Nova
Body – Maitreya: Lara
Skin & Shape – Session: Niko
Hair – TRUTH: Kitten in Greyscale
Eye Shadow (BOM) – Izzie’s: Smokey Eyeshadow 3 (+undereye) dark
Eye Shadow (HD) – Top1Salon: Insta Eye Shadows
Lipstick – Top1Salon : HD Two-Faced Lipstick
Tattoos – Letis Tattoo: Cat Goddess
Choker – Virtual Disgrace: Tattoo Choker
Outfit – r2: Enyou (black)
Shoes – MODA: Alyx Corset Heels
Bag & Pose – Icons of Style: Navy Bag With Pose
Face Pose –Lelutka: Axis HUD Face
Location – Otter Lake
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