The Physics Cock: An In-Depth Look at “The P”

Note: This post is from the initial release of The Physics Cock. The cock is now on version 3.0 and has had a vast amount of additional animations and features added as well as a larger size. This post will be updated to reflect those changes, but for now just know that what you’re reading here just skims the surface of what The Physics Cock can do.

If you’ll be doing anything nude, you likely want a good set of genitals so you don’t look like a Ken doll with your clothes off. Second Life penises can be a lot more in depth than just looks though! Many have extra features such as animations, sounds, and even HUDs to let your partner control what’s going on down there. Today I’ll be showing you my personal favorite Second Life cock, ASA Animation Standards Alliance & Session Skins’ “The P”. To see a quick, easy, and up to date overview check out The Physics Cock’s entry in The Mesh Directory.

Note: While the images in this post show the cock modeled on a feminine avatar, it was designed for masculine bodies and works even better on them!

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