Graffitiwear at Fashion Dazzle: Animated Dresses!

When shopping for a night out, Second Life ladies have unlimited options. Everyone has a unique style and it can be hard to stand out on the dance floor. Have you ever wondered how to pick an outfit that will make sure nobody misses you? Look no further! Graffitiwear has you covered with three exclusive animated dresses for sale at Fashion Dazzle this month. Check out the video in this post to see the dresses animate!

Shopping Graffitiwear

Founded in 2009 by Chalice Piers, Graffitiwear has been offering high quality clothes in world and on the Marketplace for longer than some players have even been around. Visiting the in world store has the added benefits of Lucky Letter Boards, Midnight Mania, Discount Roulette, and Gifts for group members as well as a Lucky Dip available to anyone. Whether you need cute casual wear, sexy lingerie, a dress for the night out, or makeup and accessories to finish your look, you’ll find it here.

The Animated Dress

Graffitiwear‘s Animated Dress is EXCLUSIVE to Fashion Dazzle, so make sure to get it while you can! There are three styles, each on sale for only $L150 each! It comes in fitmesh for Maitreya, Physique, Hourglass, Tonic, Belleza, eBody, and TMP as well as 5 standard fitmesh sizes. You can get demos to ensure a perfect fit at the Graffitiwear booth.  As all these dresses have animated textures, please be cautious if you are sensitive to flashing lights.

A  female Second Life avatar wears a dress.

Mirror Ball

The most subtle of the set, Mirror Ball has a gentle, almost comic book style animation. It’s definitely noticeable, bit somebody may not realize what’s grabbing their eye until they come back for the inevitable second glance. This is the perfect dress if you want to show off your animations without being too distracting.

Disco NightA  female Second Life avatar wears a blue and green dress.

Off all the dresses this is the one that absolutely cannot be ignored. Disco Night is loud and proud! It will turn heads, so be prepared. I do want to note that if you are sensitive to flashing lights this may not be the dress for you. This style is great for nightclubs and other places where it’s really hard to stand out unless you have something noticeable.

A  female Second Life avatar wears a blue and black dress.Boogie Lights

My personal favorite in the set, Boogie Lights has a variety of lights that flicker as you wear the dress. I love this pattern as it doesn’t feel too intrusive, but it still stands out. It reminds me of fireflies or headlights, and I find it oddly relaxing. It’s the go to if you’d like to grab attention quickly but not be too flashy.



The dance in the video was made by Vista Animations for the Miriam Bento AO.

[arve url=”″ title=”Graffitiwear Animated Dresses” description=”Second Life Graffitiwear Animated Dresses at Fashion Dazzle” aspect_ratio=”4:3″/]

Also For Sale

In addition to the exclusives shown above, Graffitiwear has two other goodies for sale at Fashion Dazzle.

A  female Second Life avatar wears a psychedelic dress.

The Psychedelic Animated Dress (L$150) has more of a fluid trippy feel to it than the patterns shown above. Definitely give the demo a try so you can see how much fun it is!

Various thigh high boots are shown on Second Life avatars.

The Laced Boots (L$325) come with a HUD including 60 textures. The mix and match potential for them is insane. They can also be demoed at the Graffitiwear booth.

Full Credits

Don’t forget to click for full view!

A Second Life Model displays her Graffitiwear Animated Dress in the Mirror Ball Style.
Pose – Sopherian: Kimberly 02
Dress – Graffitiwear:  Mirror Ball Animated Dress
A Second Life Model displays her Graffitiwear Animated Dress in the Disco Nights Style.
Pose – Overlow Poses: Pack Gift 6 (1)
Dress – Graffitiwear:  Disco Night Animated Dress
A Second Life Model displays her Graffitiwear Animated Dress in the Bookie Lights Style.
Pose – Overlow Poses: Pack Gift 6 (1)
Dress – Graffitiwear:  Boogie Lights Animated Dress
A female Second Life avatar dances under a neon tree.
Head – LeLutka: Simone
Body – Maitreya: Lara
Shape – Regeneration: Vanessa
Skin – 7 Deadly s{K}ins: [LAQ] Flame (Oak)
Hands – Slink: Dynamic Hands
Hair – TRUTH: Zora
Eyes – Catwa: Mesh Eyes
Dress – Graffitiwear: Disco Night Animated Dress
Shoes – MODA: Niyah Leather Wedges
Pose – E. Ink: Gun/Sword
Background – Club Violet
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