Fantasy Avatar: The Broken Doll

You’ve seen many fantasy avatars by now, from vampires and demons to elves and nekos. Today I bring you something a little different: a creepy broken doll.

Get The Broken Doll Look

Most of this look can be achieved with products you may already have. The main part that makes the doll is the tattoo layer discussed in the ~SongBird~ section below. Everything else is just added bonus! Any skin will work, though I love the super pale skin since it gives her that extra creepy, fragile vibe. If you’re using a mesh body parts you can utilize the shiny options to really make the glass doll effect pop.

Aii The Ugly & Beautiful

The porcelain skin Astral Allure is a wonderful base for a doll. The skin itself is a pure, simple look that comes with various customization options. Please note that Astral Allure is simply the skin used, the cracks and doll joints are actually a separate product.

The HUD below shows all but the nipple color options that Astral Allure comes with. It’s really versatile and great for fantasy styles.

Click for full view

By setting the shiny option on the body and head to max I was able to give the doll a great polished glass look. While the effect is slightly visible in the photos it’s really noticeable when moving through a well lit area.


SongBird’s alternative style is perfect for a beautiful, creepy doll. In fact, it’s SongBird’s “The Doll” applier that inspired this entire post! The applier has three options: joints, cracks, and both. This post uses both, but each on their own look beautiful as well.

The cracks and doll joints make the broken doll, but it’s the eyes that push her into the creepy category. Both the mesh eyes and the tear effect are part of the Gilded set. The set comes with six color options including purple, black, pink, red (shown here), blue, and green. The eyes will likely need some adjusting like most mesh eyes to look perfect but it’s well worth it. When I texted this picture to my fiancé he just replied with, “NOPE! NOPE!” Goal achieved.

Pics & Credits

Head – Catwa: Lona
Body – Maitreya: Lara
Shape – Regeneration: Trisha
Skin – Aii The Ugly & Beautiful: Astral Allure
Hair – TRUTH: Lottie in Reds
Eyes – SongBird: Gilded Eyes
Eye Tattoos – SongBird: Gilded Tears
Lipstick – Lumae: Glitter Lipstick
Body Tattoos – SongBird: The Doll Joints And Cracks
Bow – Caboodle: Bowtie (Female)
Poses/Setting – AviCandy: Drink Me
Location – Image Essentials
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