7 Deadly s{K}ins – New Skin Tones & More!

This is just a quick post to let you know 7 Deadly s{K}ins has three new skin tones available! From lightest to darkest the tones are named Cloud, Dew, and Coconut. Demos are available in the store and the universal Omega appliers are also available for purchase. Check the Credits section at the end of the post to see the skins on full bodies!

In addition here are some other recent changes to the 7 Deadly s{K}ins store you may be interested in:

  1. A female second life avatar with cloud skin gives a peace sign with her bento hands and sticks out her tongue with her bento head. There are 4 floors.
    • Skins are now sorted by brand.
    • There is a discount room.
  2. The Midnight Mania boards are now open to everyone.
    • The Mini Mania boards are group only.
  3. There is now a TP board at the landing point.
    • There are TP devices by the stairs to take you back to the TP board outside too!
  4. All the discount skins, LAQ, Lelutka, [AK], and GA.EG skins use the [E2V-3]
    store system.
    • This means you now have access to redelivery, buy as gift, and using store credit with purchases.
  5. The store is now credit compatible! There is a credit terminal at the store info area.
    • Some months the group gifts will be store credit.
    • Group members receive L$50 just by clicking the credit terminal this weekend!
  6. The store has been optimized to help reduce lag.
  7. For more info on what’s going on this month check out our September 7DS post.


Three Second Life avatars show off their new 7 deadly skins skin tones: Dew, Coconut, and Cloud.
Head – Catwa: Lona
Body – Maitreya: Lara
Shape – Regeneration: Trisha
Skins – 7 Deadly s{K}ins: Vyrl in Cloud, Dew, and Coconut
Hair – TRUTH: Natalie in Redhead, Blonde, and Greyscale
Lingerie – Maitreya: Bra & Panties
Shoes – MODA: Zhang Flower Sandals
Poses – FOXCITY: Dolls-2, Dolls-7m, and Dolls-3 (alternate hand position)
Lollipop – FOXCITY: Dolls-3 Prop – Lollipop

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