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This is an overview of the UTILIZATOR M4 AnnieMay mesh head for Second Life avatars. Other M4 heads may have different content or features! I generally encourage folks to demo, however M4 heads don’t have demos. Please be sure any product is what you want and need before buying. To browse other mesh heads, bodies, and more check out The Mesh Directory.

Basic Info

Product Specifics

  • Creator –  UTILIZATOR
  • Product – M4 AnnieMay
  • Price – L$600
  • Review Version – 1.4 

Included Parts

  • Body – No
  • Eyes – Yes
  • Ears – Yes
  • Head –  Yes
  • Skin – Yes

Expressions & Animations

  • Eye Control – Yes
  • Typing/Voice Animations – Yes
  • Static Expressions – Yes
  • Facial Animations – Yes
  • Included Gestures – Yes

Included Customization

Bakes on Mesh (BOM)

  • Eyebrows – No
  • Hairbases – No
  • Makeup – No
  • Eyes – No


  • Eyebrows – Yes (in HUD)
  • Hairbases Yes (in HUD)
  • Makeup – No
  • Eyes – Yes (in HUD)


  • Teeth – Yes
  • Lashes – Yes
  • Piercings – No
  • Copy – Yes
  • Transfer – No
  • Mod – Yes


Bakes on Mesh (BOM)

  • Bakes on Mesh (BOM) – Yes (with BOM kit)*
  • EvoX Skin Compatible No


  • Skin Appliers – Yes
  • Cosmetic Appliers – Yes
  • Applier Save Slots –  No
  • Omega Compatible – No


  • Materials Enabled – Yes
  • Universal Neck Standard ?When used with the same skin tone, heads and bodies both using the Universal Neck Standard result in a seamless neck.No
  • Additional Neck Sizing Options –  Yes


Click the image to view the HUD at actual size.

Pros, Neutral Notes, and Cons

Other things of note to consider that haven’t been mentioned above.


  • It uses the same texture maps as the previous M4 Anime and M4 Chibi heads. This means you can use skins, eyes, and eyelashes made for those heads.
  • Utilizator products are very mod friendly. If you enjoy making your own things for your head this may be a great choice for you.

Neutral Notes

  • M4 AnnieMay has more options than some of the older M4 heads making it a solid choice for both new anime avis and those upgrading their looks.
  • This head is a stylized head. While it’s wonderful for those going for an anime look, you won’t be getting as many third party options like you can for some of the more traditional heads. That said, the M4 line is one of the most popular for anime avatars and you can still find a good amount of products.


  • M4 AnnieMay is not natively a BOM head. That said, you can get a kit to make it BOM if you like some of the BOM products made for the head. You can find the kit at the Utilizator store. (When you teleport to the sim you’ll arrive in a subway car. To get to the store just exit on your left, go up the escalator, and follow the road while hanging left. Utilizator will be the first store on the left, and the BOM kits are in a pile in the left side of the store.)
  • There is no demo. Make sure this style is something you’re interested in before purchasing!

What’s In The Box

Official UTILIZATOR Links

Example of UTILIZATOR M4 AnnieMay In Use

Head – UTILIZATOR: M4 AnnieMay
Body – eBODY: Reborn (using Juicy chest addon)
Head Skin/Freckles – Disconnect: Milk (Using a custom inner eye cover I made)
Body Skin – Enfer Sombre: Ebody Skin (Albino)
Skin Tints – Moonglow: Simple BOM Tinter
Cleavage Skin 1 – Enfer Sombre: Juicy Cleavage Addon
Cleavage Skin 2 – SAXO: Breast Cleavage Female (tintable)
Shape – Modified version of UTILIZATOR‘s M4 AnnieMay
Horns – Luas: Lilith Horns
Hair – Foxy: Echo
Hairbase – Disconnect: AnnieMay Tintable hairbase (Normal+Pointy)
Eyes – PolarBunny: Heart Pie Eyes
Glasses – Fetch: Coffin Glasses
Eyelashes – Disconnect: Cat Lashes
Eyeliner – KREEP: Cure Liner
Eyebrows – KREEP: Trad Brows
Lipstick – Disconnect: Oil Gloss + Highlight Pack (Black base and Highlight 5)
Facial Piercings – Edgy*Kittiee: M4 AnnieMay Piercings (Bridge and Spider Bites)
Collar – tapi: Ankh Collar (modified)
Tattoo – Letis Tattoo: Spica 75%
Ring – Cae: Soho
Chest Piercings – Mellow: Dermals (Collarbone 4)
Dress- pOOnsh: Penny
Pose – Kira’s Poses: Woman Set 220 (3)
Location – My private home (most everything you can see is from Studio Skye and Hayabusa)
Windlight (EEP) – Bryn Oh: Bryn Oh’s BOX MetaLES (This may be included as part of your viewer. Search your inventory and see!)

Do you have the UTILIZATOR M4 AnnieMay head? Tell me what you think.
Are there questions you have that I didn’t answer? Ask away!
Would you like to see more info included? Let me know.
Always feel free to use the comment section.

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2 thoughts on “UTILIZATOR M4 AnnieMay | The Mesh Directory”

  1. I am apparently really slow to learn this. I can’t seem to get the BOM on the head or the Annie May to work. I have messed with it over and over again. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Can you please help me or point me in the direction of instructions? My brain looks at the instructions and says, NO please show me what to do, so I got lost after it said to apply it to the head pretty much. I just need some step by step instructions. Help me if you can. Please follow up with an email. Thank you.

    • Hi Margo! I’m gonna answer you here so others who may have the same issue can see the reply, but I’ll E-Mail the response to you as well.

      While applying BOM seems quick and easy for many who are used to it, it can definitely seem intimidating and confusing at first. Don’t feel bad! I’ll bring you through applying BOM to your M4 head step by step. Note: This works for all M4 heads, not just AnnieMay.

      1. Make a copy of the head and the neck you’re going to use. This way you still have the originals in case something doesn’t go as planned or if you need the original later for any reason.
      2. Wear the copies of the head and the neck. (If you prefer rezzing them onto the ground that works as well, but in this case wearing it is fine and also easier if you’re not used to modding things.)
      3. Put on the “M4 – Bakes on Mesh compatibility applier” from the “Bakes on Mesh kit for – UTILIZATOR – stuff by Riana” folder. (This is in the BOM box you pick up at the UTILIZATOR store.) A menu will pop up.
      4. In the menu select the neck you’re using. Then click the Neck (1) option. This will make your neck BOM, though you won’t see a difference just yet.
      5. Click the [MAIN] button to go back to the main menu. From this point on is where my advice is different than the notecard (for simplicity) but it still works 🙂
      6. Click Head, then click the Skin (2) option, and then click Both. This will make the M4 head red.
      7. Choose the Skin (1) option, and also apply that to both. This will make everything but the eyes BOM. If you’re wearing your BOM M4 skin you should see it now! If not you’ll see whatever skin you’re wearing (if it’s not made for M4 it’ll look silly! That’s ok, once you put on your M4 BOM skin it’ll be right.)

      ** If you are going to use Applier eyes, then you’re done with the BOM applier and can take it off. Just wear the “Eye Alpha” in the “Bakes on Mesh kit for – UTILIZATOR – stuff by Riana” folder and you’re all set to wear your BOM skins! **

      ** If you’re using BOM eyes, you’ll need to apply BOM to the eyes as well, so keep reading! For BOM eyes don’t wear the eye alpha. **

      1. Click the [MAIN] option in the menu, then click eyes. Select Eye (2) and apply it to both like we did for the skin.
      2. Now select Eye (1) and apply to both. Your eyes will now use BOM eye textures.

      I hope this helps! If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to ask. I bet you’re gonna look awesome!


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