The Little Winter Kitty

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As I’m sure pretty much everyone can attest to, this has been a really long year. While my favorite holiday is Halloween, I can totally respect the people who crave Christmas year round. While it wasn’t cold outside my home for these photos, I still wanted to try to get in to that Winter spirit so many people hope for as November comes to a close. So I combined some Winter poof with some Halloween to get a fun style I’ll be wearing for a while.

A Second Life cat girl shoes off her V-Tech Neko Cosplayer Set [Kuro].
It doesn’t need to be snowing outside for me to get fluffy and cute!

The Fluffy Basics

There are a few main things I feel bring this look together: the claws, the ears, the collar, and the furry outfit itself.

The claws are Venge’s Stiletto nails in the V-Tip style. In order to use this polish you’ll need to own both the Stiletto nails and the V-Tip applier for them. I really love these nails since you can change each nail color individually, even mix and matching between appliers! I have soooo many it may be a problem.

The ears and the collar come together as part of V-Tech’s Neko Cosplayer Set [Kuro]. I absolutely love the little bells and ribbons. They also come with a cute kitty top and kitty panties (not shown). There’s a white [Shiro] version as well with Gold bells.

V-Tech also makes the Snowball Bodysuit and Snowball Leggings. The fur and ropes can change color via HUD. There are versions included for V-Tech’s Boi Chest and bulge options as well.


A Second Life cat girl plays in Backbone's Kitten's Comfy Nest cat bed.
Poses & Bed – BackBone: Kitten’s Comfy Nest
Curtains – Soul2Soul: Chelsea Curtains Leaves Pack
Clock – SALLIE & LIZAIL – Cat in side the Clock
Location – Linden Lab: Victorian Premium Home
A Second Life cat girl shoes off her V-Tech Snowball Bodysuit and Leggings.
Head/Piercings – LeLutka: Nova (Shape modified from their original)
Body – Maitreya: Lara
Skin – DeeTaleZ: Flora in European
Hair – WINGS: TZ0525 in Gray
Lipstick – Suicidal Unborn: Tremere Vampire Lipstick
Other Makeup – Suicidal Unborn: Tremere Vampire FX Makeup
Kitty Ears & Collar – V-Tech: Neko Cosplayer Set in Kuro
Outfit – V-Tech: Snowball Bodysuit and Leggings

Nails – Venge: Stiletto Nails in V-Tip 
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