Fantasy Avatar: The Vampire Queen

Not all Second Life avatars have to be human. You’ve seen The Demoness and the Elven Maiden. Today I’ll be showing you the Vampire Queen, featuring a vampire mesh head from Catwa, gorgeous facial jewelry from Swallow, and a uniquely beautiful dress from Silvery K.

Get The Vampire Queen Look

You can likely do a vampire look with items you already have. I personally purchased only a new head for this look, however even that is not required. I’d been looking for an excuse to purchase Catwa’s Annie for while, so the opportunity was too good to pass up for this post. If you’d like to copy the style completely you can find full credits at the bottom of the post. Feel free to click any image for a larger version to check out the detail.

A Second Life Vampire Queen shows off her Catwa, Swallow, and Silvery K products
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Facial Gem – Swallow

Swallow sells a variety of accessories, jewelry, ears, and skins. Their store offers gacha machines and even a L$99 room. For accessories that make you stand out Swallow is a store you don’t want to miss.
The facial gem is actually a group gift! The group, called ^^ Swallow ^^, costs L$40 to join. Membership gives you information on new releases, promotions, and access to new gifts every month. At the time of this post the group gift wall currently has 18 free items for group members. Many people will find group membership well worth the price.

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