Celebrate The Holidays With Signature Dove!

Special Designer: Po^Z

Po^Z created two couples poses for Fashion Dazzle this month. Both come with wreaths, too! To use just drag the object onto the ground and sit on the color coded poseballs. The poses are also included individually as Animations.

If you’re not familiar with poses, know that they are similar to jewelry in that they don’t always fit perfectly right out of the box. Since every avatar’s body parts and shape is different every pose will fit differently on different people. If the pose isn’t perfect just make minor adjustments to your shape until it looks right for you. Generally tweaking hands, wrists, and arm length are what’s needed for poses such as these.

In this post I used my regular shapes without tweaking so you can see what you’re working with right out of the box. I’ve included the full version of this pose as well as the second pose in the Pics & Credits section so you can see the whole thing.

Both poses are available at the Po^Z booth for L$150 each.

Suna Design

The Lexi set is a sexy addition to your photo as well. Granted you’d be a little chilly outside, but just going for a quick photo won’t hurt, right?

The set comes with a dress and matching heels. The dress is low cut in the front and back so it’s wonderful for showing off tattoos. There are also two strips toward the bottom of the dress that are peekaboo cut, so make sure to toss some panties on if you’re keeping it family friendly.

There are more photos in the Pics & Credits section to show off the back of the dress (including the see through parts!) and the heels.

The set (along with many others) is available at the Suna Design booth for L$129. It fits Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, and eBody.

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