Maitreya Flat Chest & V-Tech Boi Chest: A Comparison

Prefer a feminine body and flat chest? You’re not alone! The V-Tech Boi Chest was created to fill this exact need, and has been a staple for many Second Life users for years now. Maitreya released their Flat Chest Add-on at The Itty Bitty Titty Committee event in September 2020. Both have a price point of L$499. This post is to go over each product and help you decide which is better for you.

V-Tech Boi ChestA second life avatar using a Maitreya body and V-Tech Boi Chest stands mirroring himself. He is bare chested and his mirror image has a leather top.

V-Tech created the main flat chest mod for Maitreya back in 2016. Since then it’s gained quite the following and has the support of multiple skin and clothing designers. Their products have been featured at various events and their customers absolutely love it. 

There are two versions included with your purchase: the regular version to use with appliers and the BOM version. The applier version has tattoo, underwear, and clothing layers that match up with Maitreya’s body and can be controlled via the V-Tech HUD. It’s Omega compatible and can also be modified with your own custom textures. The BOM version uses the system layers, so it cannot be used with appliers.

Overall it’s really rather straightforward and easy to use. When you put it on it will automatically hide the sections of the Maitreya body required. If you use the applier one you’ll have to apply your skin after putting the chest on so it matches your body. Please note you’ll need the Omega version of appliers since Maitreya appliers won’t work on the V-Tech. If you’re using the BOM version just pop it on and it’ll adjust to your BOM skin right away.

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