Are Second Life Gacha Games Worth Your Time?

Important Note: Gacha machines are no longer allowed in Second Life. You can still buy and sell things on the Marketplace that were aquired via Gacha, however it is now against the Second Life TOS for creators to sell an item that is completely random. By the new policy buyers must know what they are purchasing at the time of purchase. There are new purchasing systems (such as MiePon) that have come out as an allowed alternative.

I’m keeping this post up as a reference for when Gacha was allowed, however the content in it is outdated and this specific post won’t be updated further.

Based on the Japanese game of the same name, Second Life Gacha machines are a huge hit in world. Gachas offer the chance at multiple items for very cheap, usually less than what each item is worth. The inexpensive shot at high quality products has spawned various Gacha themed events, some of which keeping sims competitively full for days or more. Note: Almost everything my avatar has on in this post is from Gacha events!

How Second Life Gacha Works

The easiest way to sum up Gacha is by imagining those little quarter machines found in supermarkets and other real life stores. An image at the top shows the products contained within. You put in a small amount of money and out pops one of those items. You never know what you’ll get!

In game Gachas are very similar. Gachas will have an image on or near the machine showing you what’s inside. Most will tell you which items are rare, some will even show the percentage chance it has to drop. A script in the machine is used to give you a random item when you pay based on these percentages (whether they are displayed or not.) The odds of winning a specific item depends on what you’re going for and the rarity of the product. Remember, if you have a 1 in 3 (33%) chance to get a specific item, that doesn’t mean you’ll get it in 3 tries. It simply means that each try gives you 1 in 3 chance to get it. And that’s for Gachas with even odds. Some will have rare items that have a smaller chance to drop than the rest. Gachas with Common, Uncommon, and Rare chances are not at all unusual. Make sure to weigh those odds before splurging!

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