Inspired By: Harley Quinn

Have you ever wanted to dress up like somebody but not completely copy their look? That’s what the Inspired By series is all about! Unlike our other series this one will be spread out over time with new looks coming as a surprise every now and again. Feel free to use these short posts for a little inspiration of your own, whether it’s mix & matching some of the products used here or doing something completely new!

A female second life avatar dressed as Harley Quinn.Harley Quinn

This well known¬†character has been portrayed countless ways since her introduction in the early 1990s. Today’s look is based off of Margot Robbie’s portrayal in the film Suicide Squad.

Key Products

These are the items used that make the avatar stand out as Harley even though she’s not a direct copy.

  • Lil’ Monster Dress and Legwraps
  • Rotten Heart Face Tattoo with Eye Shadow

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