Fantasy Avatar: The Elven Maiden

Not all Second Life avatars have to be human. A few days ago you saw The Demoness. Today I’ll be showing you a gorgeous elven maiden featuring ears from Swallow and a beautiful dress from Arwen’s Creations.

Get The Elven Maiden Look

For this character I only needed to purchase the elf ears and dress. Of course not all elves need to be clothed in flowing dresses, but I wanted mine to have a style that I didn’t currently have in my inventory. If you’d like to copy the avatar completely you can find full credits at the bottom of the post. Feel free to click any image for a larger version to check out the detail.


An elven maiden shows off her looks from TRUTH, Swallow, and Arwen's Creations.
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Elven Ears – Swallow

Swallow sells not only various ears (for elves and humans) but also a variety of accessories, jewelry, and skins. Their store offers gacha machines and even a L$99 room. For accessories that make you stand out Swallow is a store you don’t want to miss.

These ears are a real treat. They come with an in depth HUD to ensure your ears are unlike any others. There are 27 preset skin tones, but if you can’t find your match there you can use the color picker or even an RGB input for the proper color match. You can also choose between 25 “shades” (ear tip colors/glow) and 31 tattoo options including two in the style of Lord of the Rings.  Sizing the ears for a perfect fit is easily handled via the HUD. Depending on your skin, the ears may have a noticeable seam where your head stops and the ears stop. If you find this to be the case you can easily cover the seam with hair or accessories.

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