Starting Point: Mesh Body Addicts

Update June 2020: The Mesh Body Addicts blog appears to have been removed. As such this post is very outdated. Broken links have been removed, but the post is staying up for reference.

Featured image is the MADDICT store front on the Mesh Body Addicts sim.

Today is just a quick little post since I have so much going on this week. Often times people ask where a good starting point is in regards to transferring to a mesh avatar. My answer is always the same: Mesh Body Addicts! MBA started as a blog but also has an in world presence with their sim and events.


Mesh Body Addicts is one of the most popular Second Life blogs on the web, and for good reason! Daria is a pro at dissecting mesh products, delivering information about them in an simple manner, and organizing her content so it can be browsed easily. Sound too good to be true? Take a look for yourself! Here are some of the sections I recommend the most:

  • Mesh Body Reviews
    • Men’s
    • Womens
  • Mesh Head Reviews
    • Bento
    • Men’s
    • Women’s
  • Tutorials
    • Text
    • Video


The blog is so popular it’s no surprise that it spawned an in world location. It’s a great place to visit whether you’re starting out or already all meshed up. Once you port in you’ll find demo bodies in a line directly to your left. It’s a convenient way to try multiple products out without having to visit a bunch different sims.

If you head straight forward after your teleport you’ll run into the MADDICT store. Here you’ll find various mesh clothing and accessories as well as information on the Mesh Body Addicts group. If you wander around the area you’ll find it’s also home to many storefronts including AviCandy, Lakshmi, Pink Pearl, and many more.

The sim also hosts the MBA events!


Mesh Body Addicts has two events: 4Mesh and the annual Mesh Body Addicts Fair. 4Mesh runs every other month and showcases themes in four rooms: Roleplay/Fantasy, General Fitmesh Fashion, Bento & Skin/Body. The Fair is a yearly event focusing on “mesh bodies, mesh heads, bento mesh items and associated fashion and accessories.” 4Mesh is running now so make sure to check it out!

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