Slink Dynamic Hands Are Finally Here!

Known for their high quality mesh body parts, Slink has been respected for a long time by many players. Their mesh feet have dominated the market and spawned thousands of shoes created specifically for use with them by various brands. Today the highly anticipated Slink bento hands, known as Slink Dynamic Hands, hit the market. Read on to learn all about them and for a comparison to Vista’s Bento Prohands.

Slink Dynamic Hands

Immediately when putting the hands on I loved how proportionate they felt. They look natural both when static and during animations. As somebody who has been using bento products since they were released I’m very pleased with the newest addition to the bento hand family. I encourage you to grab the demo (either in world or on the marketplace) and check them out for yourself. Slink hands can be copied but neither modified nor transferred. 

Getting Your Hands On The Hands

If you are new to Slink brand hands, you’ll have to purchase these straight up. The hands themselves have the basic and skin matching HUDs, the stiletto nails addon, idle animations, and alpha layers all included for L$875. The pose addon pack is $L650.

If you have already purchased hands by Slink you can use the redelivery terminal to upgrade to the Slink Dynamic Hands. What you get varies based on what you’re redelivering. Check the table below to see what you can upgrade to.

Slink Dynamic Hands Upgrade list for free Slink bento hands
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You can purchase your new hands or use the redelivery option at the in world Slink store. At this point in time they are not on the Marketplace, however I’ll update this post with a link to the Marketplace listings once they go live. As with any purchase, I strongly encourage you to try any demos before purchasing. You want to make sure you know and like what you’re getting before you spend!


Slink Dynamic Hands utility HUD for slink bento handsMain (Hands and Feet Utilities HUD)

The main HUD is included with the Slink Dynamic Hands. Just like the static hands, the HUD includes tabs for both Slink hands and feet. If you own the feet it makes life easier by using a single HUD. If you don’t own the feet you can disregard the feet tab.

To the left of the HUD you’ll find sizing options to ensure the hands blend seamlessly into your body.

The main body of the HUD houses your basic nail options. From here you can toggle them on and off, select specific nails (great for when you want to paint them different colors), and select the length/color. For nail colors you have 10 natural options and 15 polished options. You can also toggle the tattoo and glove layers on and off as well as reset the skin color if desired.

Stiletto Nails (Addon Nails HUD Stiletto)Slink Dynamic Hands stiletto HUD for slink bento hands

The Stiletto Nail HUD is included with the purchase of your Slink Dynamic Hands. It is very minimalist and only required if you want to use the pointed stiletto nails option. When wearing the Stiletto Nails you can use this hud to select the short, medium, or long length.

Poses (Basic Static Pose HUD)Slink Dynamic Hands pose HUD for slink bento hands

The static poses are sold separately, however as they are poses they will likely work for any bento hands you may have. I can confirm they work for both Slink and Vista hands. There are 15 poses included as seen to the left. Each pose can be activated for both hands or for just one. Current selections are highlighted in green. I love the variety of poses included. While I don’t smoke myself, I can see the smoking pose being a big selling point for this pose addon.


Currently the Slink Dynamic Hands are available for the ladies only. Men’s have been confirmed, but we don’t have anything more specific than “soon” for a time frame. As these are upgrades to the original Slink hands, they are compatible with the same bodies as previously. Some of the big names that are compatible are Tonic (who have native bento hands as well), Maitreya, Belleza, and of course Slink.

The Slink Dynamic Hands are Omega compatible, both for the main hand and for the nails. In case your skin doesn’t have omega appliers, the hands come with Slink’s Manual Skin Matching and RGB HUDs to get you as close as possible.

They can also be used with any bento AOs and poses, including products like the FATE Hand Poser.

Comparing to Vista

Slink dynamic hands and vista prohands, aka slink bento hands and vista bento hands

Most early adopters of bento hands are using the Vista hands. This section is for those who are considering making the switch, or for buyers who may not know which to choose. If you want to learn more about the Vista Prohands check out our post about them.

  1. Appearance
    •  Slink’s hands are a bit fuller than Vista
      • Slink has a more realistic look, which isn’t surprising considering Slink is a big name in the body parts industry.
      • Vista isn’t unusable, just noticeably slender in comparison. Bento hands were Vista’s first foray into the mesh body world.
    • Vista comes with black gloves and a tattoo right out of the box. Slink has layers for both, but gloves and tattoos must be purchased separately.
  2. HUD and Movement
    • Vista handles everything in multiple tabs of one HUD, Slink has three HUDs including the poses.
      • With Vista you can just tab between sections. Slink users can remove any HUD they don’t currently need.
    • Both hands have nice fluid motion, idle animations, and set poses.
      • Vista has 12 poses included while Slink has 15 poses sold separately.
      • Vista’s HUD includes the option to toggle the idle animations on and off while Slink requires typing a command into chat.
    • It’s worth noting that the static pose HUD for the Slink hands does move the Vista hands and vice versa.
      • Many of the poses are similar you will find that some are different.
      • As they are designed for different hands they may not be perfect, but they do work.
  3. Price
    • Vista’s hands cost L$999.
      • If you have a Vista Loyalty Card the price can go as low as $750 depending on your rewards level.
        • This includes the hands and full HUD.
    • Slink’s hands are L$1525 total for the Slink Dynamic Hands & Basic Static Pose HUD (sold separately.)
      • If you already own previous versions of Slink hands  you can upgrade for free.
      • The Slink Dynamic Hands are L$875.
        • This includes the hands, stiletto nails addon, and idle animations.
      • The Basic Static Pose HUD is $L650.

All in all it really comes down to user preference. As with any products, I encourage you to demo before purchasing so you know what you’re getting. I love my Vista hands, but for now I think I’ll be mostly using Slink. What about you?

The official Slink announcement can be found on their blog. Slink is the third brand to release Second Life bento hands. Maitreya bento hands are still expected.

Second life avatar using Slink Dynamic Hands which are slink bento hands
Head – LeLutka: Simone
Body – Maitreya: Lara
Shape – Regeneration: Asia
Hair – TRUTH: Kizzy
Eyes – Catwa: Mesh Eyes
Skin – 7 Deadly s{K}ins: MeiLin (Apricot)
Hands – Slink: Dynamic Hands
Nails – Lorien: Space Nails
Dress – D!Vine Style: Luna Cocktail Dress
Pose – La Baguette: Noase 8



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