PsiCorp’s Dragonwolf (SFW ft. Stealthic/Vista)

Avatar inspiration focused posts are less in depth than most of my other content, but still credit everything used.

Stealthic & Vista’s Verge

The hair in this post is a team effort from hair creator Stealthic and animation expert Vista Animations. This braid includes two purchased parts. Stealthic’s portion is the hairbase and a rigged version of the braid that can be posed over either shoulder or hanging behind you. Vista’s portion includes an animesh braid that includes a basic AO. It’s pretty fun to see your hair swish back and forth while you’re walking. You can demo this at both Stealthic and Vista‘s stores. I hope to see more collabs like this in the future!

PsiCorp’s Dragonwolf

Pose- Foxcity: Stardust 7m

PsiCorp is one of Second Life’s furry avatar creators. They offer a variety of SFW and NSFW content at their store. This post showcases their Dragonwolf which is, as you guessed, a dragon/wolf hybrid. It also comes with beautiful wings which can be seen in the NSFW version of this post. Here it’s shown with a Maitreya body, however it’s also compatible with other mesh bodies and with PsiCorp’s core bodies. It’s optimized for their native bodies, so it’ll be seamless when using it with them.





Dragonwolf Parts & Skin – PsiCorp: Dragonwolf
Body – Maitreya: Lara
Fishnet Outfit – Sass: Unforgiven
Pasties – V-Tech: Spiked Pasties
Hair – Stealthic & Vista: Verge in Ombre
Pose – Foxcity: Vacant-3
Background – Foxcity: Glitch VIP Photobooth
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