Pixicat’s Dragon – Asia’s Current Obsession

Since this is my last content post before I head on vacation later this week I wanted to share my favorite outfit (of the moment) with you!
Remember every picture is clickable for a full view!

Dragon Gacha

Yes, it happens that the most prominent items in this outfit are from a gacha. Pixicat created the Dragon set for this summer’s Epiphany. Epiphany is closed, however the gacha is still accessible in the gacha section of the Pixicat store. Thank goodness, because I still really want the last rare! I recommend visiting the Marketplace if there is a specific piece you’d like from this set as gacha games are entirely chance. I have a bunch of items from this gacha in my store (including 3 of the nr1 rare for Maitreya at the time of this post), but feel free to look for other sellers too! If you like everything in the set go ahead and give it a shot, it’s just L$75 a try.

The Seductive Dragon Dress

The detail in this is so much fun. It really brings the dress from sexy to stunning, in my opinion. Each little line and crease emphasizes how tight the dress is, from the little panty lines on the tush to the stretched fabric across the breasts and waist. Let’s be honest, if this were off grid it would be next to impossible to put (and keep) on, so I’ll enjoy the magic of SL for this one.

The dress shown in this post is the Seductive nr1 Rare. It comes in long and short versions with a color changing HUD. Only the rares have HUDs. There is a non HUD long black version that looks identical to this, too! It’ll be far cheaper than the rare since it’s common, but the rare gives you the color changing options.

What I’m really hoping for, however, is the Seductive nr2 Rare. The dragon details on it are stunning and it’s the first gacha item I’ve ever been willing to stalk the Marketplace for. If I ever get my hands on it I’ll be sure to show it off to you guys!
Update: I finally got it from the gacha! It’s stunning. See and fav it on my Flickr!

The Dragon Set

While technically everything in the Gacha is part of the set, this chunk of items is actually called the Dragon Set. It includes a chest harness, arm harnesses, leg harnesses, and shoes. I honestly didn’t know I needed this until I got it. I put it on and fell in love.

The harnesses come with a customization HUD that allows you to change the color of the spikes to black, silver, or gold. It also has two straps for the chest harness that can be toggled on and off. One is flat against the chest (shown in this post) and the other follows the curve of the breasts. The second option appears to be for wearing with a shirt or possibly as a double strap. The harnesses are lovely on humans, but I think they’d stand out on furries as well, especially on dragons and scalies!


As expected, the spikes on the leg harnesses match up wonderfully with the spikes on the boots. And oh my god, the boots. I know walking in this would be impossible off grid, but look at that dragon! It’s beautiful. I really, really love these. They come with a HUD as well so you can change the dragon to black, gold, or silver.




Bonus: TRUTH’s Elie

If you know me at all you know I absolute love TRUTH hair. Elie is the latest VIP gift which means it’s absolutely free for group members. The gorgeous hair shown here in the new color palette Rainbow. Rainbow has a ton of different multicolor options ranging from tame to those rainbow dusters everyone had in the 90’s. And you know what? I love every single option. Even the insanely bright ones that you’d expect to be obnoxious are simply beautiful. Don’t like rainbows? Not a problem. Every TRUTH VIP gift comes with the fatpack, so you have access to the hair in every current color available.

The hair also comes with the stylist HUD that came out out a few months ago. Don’t like your hair tucked behind the ear? No problem, just let it hang loose. Want your bobby pins to show? Sure! Toggle them on. I could gush for days and days about TRUTH, and I have, so I’ll spare you more details for now. I’ll leave you with a strong recommendation to join the VIP group and let Truth and his crew know how awesome his work is.

Pics & Credits

Pasties – Mad’: Free Pasties
Head – Catwa: Lona
Body – Maitreya: Lara
Shape – Regeneration Trisha
Skin – 7 Deadly s{K}ins: Lake in Snow
Hair – TRUTH: Elie in Rainbow
Eye Shadow – Veechi: Victoria Shadow (vivid)
Lipstick – Lumae: Glimmer Lips
Dress – Pixicat: Dragon Dress Seductive nr1 (Epiphany Gacha Rare)
Harnesses – Pixicat: Dragon Harness
Shoes – Pixicat: Dragon Boots
Poses/Setting – Wetcat and Lemon: Backdrop Scene #1
Location: Comhar Photo Studio
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