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Important Note: META no longer sells Ava. As such this head cannot be obtained. I’m leaving this article up so people who own META Ava can compare it to others they may be interested in. As the head is no longer available I will not be updating this listing to match new site formats/updates/etc. You may find it looks different than you’re used to or has different featured animations compared to current listings.

This is an overview of the META Ava mesh head for Second Life avatars. Almost all the information also applies to other META heads, however the photos are only of Ava, and the list is what comes with Ava. Other heads may have slightly different content. For more mesh heads and bodies head on over to The Mesh Directory.

META Ava for Second Life avatars shown from the front and sides.

Basic Info

Creator –  META
Product – 
Price – L$99
Review Version – None Specified


Body – No
Eyes – No
Ears – Yes
Head –  Yes
Skin – Yes

Copy Yes
Transfer – No
Mod – Yes* (See Pros & Cons)

Included Customization

Eyebrows (Applier) – No (N/A)
Eyebrows (BOM) – Yes (Just the ones on the skin)

Hairbases (Applier) No (N/A)
Hairbases (BOM) No

Makeup (Applier)No (N/A)
Makeup (BOM) No

Eyes (Applier) No
Eyes (BOM) No

Teeth – Yes
Lashes – Yes
Piercings – No

Expressions & Animations

Eye Control – No
Typing/Voice Animations – Yes
Static Expressions –
Facial Animations –
Included Gestures – No

Appliers, BOM, and Compatibility

Tattoo Applier Layers – No (N/A)
Applier Save Slots – 
 No (N/A)

Materials Enabled – No
Omega Compatible – No
Bakes on Mesh (BOM) – Yes
Universal Neck Standard ?When used with the same skin tone, heads and bodies both using the Universal Neck Standard result in a seamless neck.No
Additional Neck Sizing Options –  
No (Fits standard size female neck, but is not seamless)


There is no HUD for the META Ava head. The blinking and talking animations are standard and work without a HUD.

Pros and Cons

Other pros and cons to consider that haven’t been mentioned above.


  • Ava has an incredible price point and is a nice looking head.
  • It’s quick and easy to use right out of the box.
  • A version of the head without ears is also included for anyone who wants to use third party ear options.
  • Ava is modifiable which gives you more customizability if you’re comfortable modding products. The head will show up as no modify in your inventory, however that’s just because the scripts are no mod. The designer specifically confirmed this and told me, “you can modify all of the mesh parts.” Yay for modders!


  • This is a very minimalistic head compared to some of the bigger brands. As such it doesn’t come with facial animations, however you can use third party ones.
  • META is a smaller brand which means they don’t have a lot of third party support for their specific heads. That said, you can still test products made for other heads to see if they fit okay (skins, etc).

What’s In The Box

A list of what comes with META Ava for Second Life avatars

Do you have META Ava? Tell me what you think.
Are there questions you have that I didn’t answer? Ask away!
Would you like to see more info included? Let me know.
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