Lia: The Vista Bento Head Is Here!

Vista Animations has released their bento head Lia! Vista Facebook fans have been excited for this for the past week, though many people on grid are just now hearing about Lia. Can’t make it to the store to pick up your demo? Not a problem! Learn everything you need to know right here then snag that demo (and maybe the full version) once the crowds die down.

First Impressions

Right upon opening the box I was excited to see how many shapes Lia comes with. You don’t have to be an experienced shape maker to have a nice variety of looks. I also loved that Vista included a notecard explaining that this is their first head and feedback is welcome.

Originally I planned on making one post about Lia, however she’s so in depth that I had to split it into two. Today I’ll cover the main appearance of Lia and my next post will dig more into her animations and poses.

What Lia Comes With

While many of these are pretty self explanatory sometimes a cheat sheet can be helpful. Here is everything that comes with your Lia purchase and what it does. Note: the head itself can be copied, but not modified or transferred. All modification options happen with the included HUD. The shapes allow for copying and modifying so you can alter them with appearance sliders.

Designer Skins & Shapes Included

The shapes are found in your inventory and the skins can be accessed via the Vista Lia HUD. Please note that the skins only apply to the head. If you want the exact skin for your body you’ll have to visit the appropriate store to purchase the matching body skins. Each section below shows off the skins included. You can see all the shapes at the bottom of this section.

7 Deadly s{K}ins

Known for their quality skins, 7 Deadly s{K}ins has a ton of skins and shapes at their store. The November VIP group gift for the ladies actually includes a skin and shape for Lia! You’ll want to hop in the group before the end of the month so you don’t miss out. At the time of this posting the group is free to join. This is temporary, so if you want in for no cost do it quick!

Lia’s HUD includes the skin Saga in the tones Dew, Cotton Candy, Marshmellow, Sand, Cashew, Pineapple, Taupe, Oak, and Walnut.

Shape – 7 Deadly s{K}ins: VISTA BENTO HEAD LIA


Short for YourSkin&YourShape, YS&YS has a large selection at their store as well as events. The HUD includes their tones 00, 01, 02, 03, and 04 with brows on or brows off. The brows off options are handy if you’d like to play with Vista’s included brows.



Avenge is another well known creator. You’ll find their selection at their store and in events. The HUD includes five skin tones with two brow options each: Ivory with blond and red brows, Pale with blond and red brows, Peach with blond and brown brows, Bronze with blond and brown brows, and Tan with blond and brown brows.

Shape – Avenge: shape for Vista mesh head


Each designer created a shape to go along with their skin. In addition Vista has also included three shapes. The shapes can be used interchangeably with the skins. Mix & Match to find what works for you!

Pose – Vista: Lia HUD (Pose Button)

Lia’s HUD

As with most mesh heads the HUD is split into sections. Each section controls various parts of Lia.

The first section shown above allows you to save your preferences for returning to them quickly. It also allows you to tint almost every layer. This is really handy for matching skin, tattoos, make up, hair, or any layer to the rest of your avatar.

The second section is actually the first that you’ll see upon equipping the HUD. This section controls the appearance of Lia. The third section controls Lia’s animations. These sections are discussed in depth later on in this post.

The final section of the HUD seen here is actually the Personalize HUD (equipped separately). This allows you to use and save your own creations for easy access!


This section covers the main look of your head. It’s where you’ll handle skins, makeups, eye color, and more. The HUD we’re referring to in this section is the second one in the HUD image seen earlier in this post.


You’ve already seen the included skins, so there isn’t too much to go over here. In addition to the included skins, Lia is Omega compatible. This means you can use any Omega applier with this head. The “shimmer” slider lets you decide the level of shine on your skin. This can give you a wet look if desired.

Make up

The Make up section has eight eye shadows and eight lipsticks built right in. Each has shimmer and blend sliders. The shimmer slider works just like it does in the Skin section. The blend slider controls the opacity of the layer.

Eye Shadow

Arte created the beautiful eye shadows for Lia. The shadows themselves are wonderful, however I have noticed that there is some clipping of the eyelids during animations (more on that in the next post!) The slideshow below shows Lia winking so you can see how it looks both normally and at a high point of clipping. Please note that this clipping is only noticeable for a moment during the animation, though static poses with clipping will show as long as you use the pose. I’d be surprised if Vista doesn’t have this fixed in the next update.


Arte did the lipsticks too! This is a solid set of makeup to come with a head.

Hair & Beauty

Hair & beauty is where you’ll find your options for lashes, brows, hairbases, and tattoos. Lia has three lashes, five hair bases, five brows, and four tattoos included in the HUD. The lashes and hair bases can toggle on and off while the brows and tattoos have the blend options similar to the Make up section.


The lashes come in the standard short, medium, and long. I prefer the long, full look personally.


The brow options come in five standard colors. Can’t find the perfect one? Throw on the white set and use your tint section of the HUD!


The hairbases match the brows. Just like the brows you can tint to get the perfect match for your avatar.


The included tattoos include freckles, a tattoo, and blush. You can tint all the layers, but this is especially desirable with the tattoo to make it stand out a bit (depending on your skin tone).

Teeth & Tongue

Lia has four teeth options built in along with four tongue colors. Changing the tongue also changes the inner color of the mouth.


The alpha section lets you hide certain parts of the head. This is especially helpful if you use third party ears or if your head is sticking through your hair. You can toggle the ears, scalp, and teeth on and off just by clicking the proper button on the HUD. I haven’t included pictures here since it’s very self explanatory.

Eyes & Lacrimal

Lia comes with eight eye colors. The eyes can be further detailed by using the options for Bumpiness, Shininess, Glossiness, and Intensity.

There are two lacrimal options to change the color of the inner eye. In the slideshow below the first lacrimal option is used in the first four eye colors and the second in the last four.

Neck Size

Different bodies have different size necks. This isn’t a problem for Lia! There are five neck sizes to choose from so you can make her fit most bodies. Not sure if she’ll work for your body? Make sure to demo the head before buying!


Based on the appearance HUD it looks like Lia is already a solid addition to the bento head market. I’ll be surprised if she doesn’t become one of the more popular bento heads. My next post will cover her animations. Can’t wait? Grab the demo today at the Vista mainstore! There are tons of goodies in the bento head room (including makeup, full facial and body dance animations, more skins from 7DS, and a free shape!) so make sure to take the time to browse, too.

Lia can be purchased for L$2500, however she’s currently on Black Friday sale for L$2000. 


Head – Vista: Lia
Body – Maitreya: Lara
Shape – 7 Deadly s{K}ins: Lia
Skin – 7 Deadly s{K}ins: Saga in Dew (Included in Vista HUD)
Hair – TRUTH: Lake in Multitone 2
Outfit – Real Evil Industries: Noor Set
Shoes – MODA: Bound Chain Platforms (Colors)
Setting/Pose – Exposeur: Clean Scenes – Crates
Location: Comhar Photo Studio
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