Lelutka River: The Androgynous Head

For many people the mesh head is the most important part of their avatar. Which head you choose impacts not only the shape of your face, but also how smooth your animations are and what your facial poses look like. A huge amount of personality comes through in your face, so making sure your head works for you is very important. Of course by using shapes and skins you can change the appearance of a head, but most heads kept you looking either fairly masculine or fairly feminine. Lelutka River is a head that can very easily do both (or neither).

Lelutka River – Why It’s A Big Deal

A popular head creator making a non binary head is wonderful for many reasons. One of the most obvious is that residents who want an androgynous look can achieve it easily, and even lean toward more masculine and more feminine if they so choose. Beyond that, it’s easy to use as a men’s* or women’s head as well! The bento face means it can easily be changed via the shape sliders, giving you even more versatility. It comes with beard options right out of the box too if you prefer facial hair.

*The only downside I’ve seen with this head is that it doesn’t play well with traditional male bodies. The neck size may not line up with your body if you use a traditional male body. Make sure to always try a demo before purchasing new products.

For an overview of the head (and an easy way to compare it to others) check out the entry for it on The Mesh Directory.

Breaking the Stereotypes

One thing I’ve noticed since the announcement of Lelutka River (and Maitreya’s Flat Chest) is the influx of products designed to go against expected gender apparel. Companies like V-Tech have been doing this for quite some time, but it seems the more mainstream designers are picking up on it too. We’re seeing more options for flat chested women, for men with curves, and residents who fall anywhere in between. I’m really excited to see the new clothing options this gives residents who currently don’t have as many options available to them.

River is available now at Itty Bitty Titty Committee. After the event I’m willing to bet it’ll be available at the Lelutka Mainstore.

Have you picked up River yet? What do you think?
Do you have an avatar that breaks the mold? What products do you use?


Two androgynous Second Life avatars sit on a bed. They use the Lelutka River head.
Head – Lelutka: River
Hair – Wings: TZ0525 in Gray
Face Skin – Session: Niko in Tone 00b
Bed/Poses – Ruckus: Do The Things V2
Body – Maitreya: Lara
Chest – V-Tech: Boi Chest
Body Skin – DeeTaleZ: Upper for V-Tech in Nordic
Abs – Session: ABS Strength 1 – T00b
Outfit – V-Tech: Shinka Shorts & Top
Body – Meshbody: Legacy Perky (with Perky Petite Add-On)
Body Skin – Session: Tone 00b
Eye Shadow – Izzie’s: Metallic Eye Make-Up 11 blue B
Lipstick – Izzie’s: Halloween Colors Lipstick Grey
Top – Belzebubble: Bikini Namiko Top
Bottoms – Belzebubble: Sports Set Taylor Bottom
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