Inspired By: Hel

To celebrate my favorite holiday, Halloween, I decided to create an avatar loosely based on the Norse goddess Hel. Those of you familiar with Hel know she’s described as being “part black and part white.” The video game Smite takes this literally by splitting Hel into two personalities and entities. I’ve based this look on that split image.

Split Hair

The hair is TRUTH‘s Ophelia. The hair itself is split colored, these images aren’t edited for that effect. You can choose any color in the HUD for either side. I highly recommend snagging the fatpack for this hair if you don’t usually. It gives you so many more options since you can wear two colors! The styling HUD also allows for the hair to sit differently as well. Ophelia is available at Salem until October 31.

Dual Skins

Two skins are featured here, both by 7 Deadly s{K}ins. The darker skin is Pepper in Mud and the lighter is Key in Dew. Both are designed for LAQ bento heads and come in Omega appliers. Pepper is currently available as part of the Trick or Treat hunt as well as for direct purchase at the 7DS store. Key was available as part of The Black Fair this month.

Eye Revival

Avalon Design created both sets of eyes used for Hel. Why is this a revival? This aren’t mesh eyes, but system eyes! The LAQ bento head Lulu allows you to use system eyes with it. I think these worked perfectly for her! The dark Hel uses Beast Reptile Eyes II. The light Hel uses Nosferatu Eyes. The shine on the eyes is from the bento head, and is not a part of the eyes themselves.

The Clothes

You may recognize Silvery K‘s Feather Backless Dress from my Vampire Queen post a while back. It was too nice to not use again! The dress is available currently at the Silvery K store. It comes in various colors as well as matching blindfolds and neck pieces.

Paired with the dress you’ll see MODA‘s Tessa Thigh High Boots. MODA is known for their elaborate color changing HUDS that allow their products to match any outfit. For just one purchase you’ll have hundreds of color combinations.

Pics & Credits

Skin – 7 Deadly s{K}ins: Pepper in Mud 
Eyes – Avalon Design: Beast Reptile Eyes II
Pose – Black Tulip: Balance #2


Skin – 7 Deadly s{K}ins: Key in Dew 
Eyes – Avalon Design: Nosferatu Eyes
Pose – Black Tulip: Water #1


Head – LAQ: Lulu
Body – Maitreya: Lara
Shape – Regeneration: Hel
Skins – 7 Deadly s{K}ins: See credits above
Eyes – Avalon Design: See credits above
Hair – TRUTH: Ophelia in Multitone 1
Dress – Silvery K: Feather Backless Dress
Shoes – MODA: Tessa Thigh High Boots
Left Pose – FOXCITY: meme-1
Right Pose – FOXCITY: meme-2m
Location – Eternal Conflict: Angels & Demons (Hell)
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