INITHIUM Kupra – The Rising Star of Curvy Mesh

If you haven’t seen it on the grid yet I’m sure you will soon. INITHIUM Kupra, the brand’s debut body, came out on October 20 and already people are using it all over the place. With the support of over fifty designers, and more coming on board each day, I can see this body climbing to one of the top curvy looks. If it reminds you of Sking bodies that’s for good reason; the creators of Sking are also the ones behind INITHIUM. They’ve brought their experience, knowledge, and connections to Kupra to give users a fleshed out body with a variety of clothing options right from day one. You can find a list of designers further on in this post.

Check Her Out

Kupra comes with everything you need for a complete look right in the box. Body, multiple outfits, complete skins (face and body), and multiple shapes are all right there. Plus they’ve included extra gifts for you too. INITHIUM is very generous with their base release. You can see a full list of everything included with your purchase over at Kupra listing on The Mesh Directory.

All About That Body

When wearing Kupra you have a few different options. You can wear her all as one piece (body, hands, and feet) if you love the way the default hands and feet look. There’s also an option to wear the body without hands or feet. This is great for third party options, but also for the variant included feet.

You’ll find two extra options: T02 and T03. 02 will fit most of your Slink shoes and 03 will fit most of your Maitreya shoes. It may take a little finagling with your foot shape for it to be perfect, but it’s really an awesome option that opens up most of the shoes on the market for use. Keep in mind that while shoes made to fit those bodies will likely fit the extra feet, they will not fit above the ankle. At that point you’re getting into the body shape and may run into clipping.

INITHIUM Kupra feet options shown with the following shoes
Original: Vanilla Bae Liza Boots, T02: MODA Reagan Punk Maryjanes, T03: Phedora Philippa Heels

Beautiful Skins & Shapes

Included are 6 skins and 3 shapes that are designed for the Kupra body and CATWA heads. The skins include both the face and the body in one skin. There are tattoo layers for 6 different eyebrows and 4 tan lines (2 each for body and feet). I will say that these skins are pretty nice for default skins. The only part I’m not a big fan of personally on the default skins are the genitalia, however that’s not an issue at all if you’re using mesh adult bits or if you don’t generally get naked.

INITHIUM Kupra skin tones shown using pose FOXCITY Influence -7 (head part of pose was modifies using Lelutka’s Axis HUD).

The shapes are modifiable so you can tweak them to suit your needs. If you’re not a fan of altering your shape you can always check the Marketplace. Already you can find a fair amount of shapes with more being posted every day. I do also want to mention that while Kupra lends herself to slender curves as well, the breasts do flatten out if you’re going for a smaller chested look. If you prefer happy handfuls make sure to demo and play with your shape before taking the plunge.

INITHIUM Kupra shapes shown using poses from the FOXCITY Formal Vol2 pack.

Breast and Nipple Options

Kupra’s breasts are a big focal point. As such it seems fitting that there is an entire section of the HUD just for customizing them. Okay so technically the RGB skin and materials controls are in the same area, but right now the rest are your breast and nipple options.

There are three breast shapes to choose from. Original is a fuller breast. This is the one I personally prefer to use. Low is a bit more squished on the top and bottom. It is a great for the soft boobs in a bra look. Bimbo is round and firm looking all around. This is a solid option for people who like the appearance of obvious implants.

INITHIUM Kupra Breast Options

The nipples have 5 different shapes to choose from. The last one is mostly flat and has no texture at all. I’ve found this is a great option for tighter clothing where you don’t want your nipples poking through. On the image below the last option shows my skin’s nipple color, not something from the HUD. You can also see some of my BOM skin’s nipple through the bottom center option. I included it so you can see how it works over some skins’ included nipple textures. If you’d rather just show the nipple from the HUD I recommend a nipple cover such as Izzie’s Nude Pasties.

INITHIUM Kupra Nipple Shapes

And finally we have the nipple colors. They are shown here in the same grid as the HUD selection for your convenience. I’ve modeled them all on the same skin tone so you can see the slight differences in each more easily.

INITHIUM Kupra Nipple Colors

The HUD… I Mean Configurator

The first thing you’ll notice about Kupra’s HUD is that it’s not called a HUD. It’s been named Configurator. I will say that while it takes an extra second to find in the unpacked folder for this reason, it also makes it faster to find if just typing in your inventory’s search when you need it.

INITHIUM Kupra’s HUD, aka Configurator

KUPRA’s Configurator is simple and straightforward, so it really doesn’t need much explaining. The Shine Control section covers your materials options. The Body Accessories tab lets you adjust your breasts, nipples, and skin tone. The Hands Feet tab contains your foot positions and your nail options. A unique part of this section is not only the wide variety of nails, but the feet nail shapes! The Miscellaneous tab has a bunch of technical options including INITHIUM’s preset save option (recorder disc), standing poses, HUD volume control, ankle lock, body redelivery, and a bunch of handy links for help, and INITHIUM’s shops/social media.

But Wait… There’s More!

INITHIUM has been very generous with this release. In addition to the standard body parts, they’ve also included a variety of first and third party gifts right in your initial purchase. Each of the following sections corresponds to a box you’ll find in the unpacked folder for Kupra. Just unpack these to get your goodies!

Basic Clothes

While some bodies include a bra and panties, or maybe even shorts and a shirt, Kupra gives us 5 different options we can wear right away, each with its own HUD (or two).

Outfit and FOXCITY Poses from Left to Right
Sport: Refresh-7m, Beach: Formal Vol 2-2, Indy: Formal Vol 1-6, Lingerie: Formal Vol 1-4m (Corsetted waist), Nuit: Stardust-3

Special Gifts

Note: The Special Gifts box is no longer included with purchase. It appears to have been a limited release for when the body was new.
The Special Gifts box includes gifts from Fujiko’s & CO and Phy.Ka. They include nylon stockings, a shape for Kupra and Catwa‘s Majersoft head, and nipple piercings.

Pose – FOXCITY: Lolita-7

Handy Extras

While the following things aren’t included with your purchase of Kupra, they are well worth checking out.

Gift Shirts

Before you even leave the mainstore, I highly recommend snagging the free gift shirts available. There are 10 variants available. They are all separate so make sure to get each one you’d like while you’re at the in world location.

BOM Foot Fix

While you can always use the included skins, you may want to get something more unique to you. As of publishing, no skin creators have yet made skins specifically for Kupra. You can still demo skins made for other bodies though and see if you like them! I’ve personally been using ItGirls Queen skin designed for Slink and it fits well enough for me! In most areas, anyway. The toes are a bit… special. This is actually a really common issue for BOM skins on mesh feet. Since all mesh feet are designed differently they won’t all look lovely. Thankfully INITHIUM has us covered and has a BOM foot fix available at both their mainstore and on the Marketplace. There are 15 tones included.

Before INITHIUM Perfect Feet BOM
With NITHIUM Perfect Feet BOM


As Kupra is a BOM only body it doesn’t need alpha sections in the HUD. Instead they recommend clothing designers make alphas for the apparel they sell so it matches the product perfectly. While this is an ideal option for accuracy with the alphas, not all creators actually make them for their items. In those cases you’ll want to either make your own or have some available to use. The INITHIUM team has been recommending Loki Alpha Layers if you want to purchase an alpha pack. If you’d rather make your own they’ve recommended Cathy Foil’s video tutorial.


While definitely not required, a bit of jiggle is absolutely wonderful on this body! Physics and physics HUDs seem like a dime a dozen. You can also make your own or use ones you already have. If you’re on the hunt for new ones I’ll let you in on my secret: I’m using Birth’s “Dummy Thicc Cakes” for a delicious booty bounce and Temptations’ Belleza Physics for a distractingly jiggly chest.

Designers and Events

Of course any time you purchase a new body you want to make sure you like not only the body itself, but also the other things you’ll be putting on it. Here’s a list of places that (at the time of publishing) have products for Kupra.

A few events already have clothing for Kupra out too, such as The Warehouse Sale and Sense. I’m sure that even by the end of next week there will be a dozen or more new creators. Check out the INITHIUM Releases Flickr group for an easy to browse page of ads for the newest products.

INITHIUM Brand Links

As INITHIUM is a new brand I want to drop all their important links here for your easy access.

Purchasing Info

Kupra is available at the Main Store (L$2520 for group members), though it gets full quick. Alternatively you can purchase the body on the Marketplace for L$2520 as well. On November 30 the body will be full price at L$3999.


Various skins/shapes/etc. were used in this post. The following credits show what was used unless otherwise noted.

Body – INITHIUM: Kupra
Head – Catwa: HDPRO Majersoft
Shape & Skin – ItGirls: Majer
Eye Shadow – Booty’s Beauty: Darkside Eyeshadow 3
Hair – Foxy: Charm
Choker – Avec Toi – Reckless Choker
Top – INITHIUM: Kupra Gift Shirt (Black Word)
Panties – IYF: Cindy Shorts in Blacks
Pants – Sweet Tart: Jenna Pants
Cookie – Petrichor: Geobeat Cookie [Haloweenies] (Trick or Treat Lane 2020)
Chair & Pose – Trompe Loelil: Marceline Dining Chair
Table – Vespertine: Juniper garden table (iron black)
Food – Petite Maison: Plated Croissants
Bird – HappyMood: Little Birds gray (type B) – made by Sasaya.Kayo
Papr – Dust Bunny: Sunday Newspaper
Notebook – Hive: start of autumn journal
Gazebo – Ionic: Gazebo (Concrete) RARE
Location – Maison de L’amitie

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