(How) Hair Changes A Person

Have you ever looked in the mirror after a new haircut and felt like a new person? A new ‘do can really change the vibe you give off to others! This is true for our avatars, too.

A change of color can be the breath of fresh air your avatar needs, or perhaps you want an entirely different style altogether. You may be surprised at just how much a new hairstyle can change your overall appearance. Take the images below, for example. The hair are the only differences between each image. The red and black cuts are actually the same hair with different styles selected. Notice how each look could be their own different character. Every hair in this post was created by TRUTH.


Truth hairs shown (from top left): Kitten, Horizon, Euphoria, Labyrinth, Kitten, Poetry



Since we have hair on the mind (or head, rather) I want to make sure you all know about TRUTH’s VIP group. Poetry (the last in the slideshow above) I received for free just by being a VIP group member. I know I’ve gushed about the group perks before, but I really do think this is one of the top VIP groups.

Your one time L$350 join fee gives you new VIP exclusive fatpacks at no additional cost. To put that into perspective a new fatpack generally costs around L$1200. Joining the group gives you new hair immediately at a fraction of that cost.

Membership also gives you access to group exclusive contests. If you enjoy TRUTH products at all please considering joining the group and supporting a wonderful and kind designer who genuinely cares for his customers.

Note: TRUTH did NOT sponsor this post. I just genuinely absolutely love his products, staff, and everything to do with his brand.


Head – Lelutka: Nova
Body – Maitreya: Lara
Skin & Shape – Session: Niko
Hair – TRUTH: Kitten in Greyscale
Eye Shadow (HD – shown only in comparison photos) – Top1Salon: Insta Eye Shadows
Eye Shadow (BOM) – Izzie’s: Smokey Eyeshadow 3 (+undereye) dark
Lipstick – Top1Salon : HD Two-Faced Lipstick
Tattoos – Letis Tattoo: Cat Goddess
Choker – Virtual Disgrace: Tattoo Choker
Outfit – r2: Enyou (black)
Pose – :  FOXCITY: Influencer 2m (Fatpack)
Face Pose – Lelutka: Axis HUD Face
Location – Otter Lake


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