Happy Lunar New Year!

Avatar inspiration focused posts are less in depth than most of my other content, but still credit everything used.

It’s now officially the Year of the Ox! I had just made a cute little cow about a week ago and one of my friends mentioned how perfect she’d be for the New Year. So with a small horn adjustment we have the cute Ox girl you see here.

I plan on showing her off a bit more in another avatar inspiration post, so at that point I’ll go a little more in depth about the various parts that make her unique. For today the big focus is the New Year and celebrations. Have a wonderful year!


Head – Cerberus: Equus Standalone Demi Hoss Head
Hair – Foxy: Luna in Reds
Ears/Horns – NATTON: Cow Ears & Bento Tail
Body – INITHIUM: Kupra Original
Hooves – Catseye: Dainty Hooves
Skin/Body Textures – Y13: Milka Cow
Dress – Smexy: Kupra Cheongsam RED
Pose – La Baguette: Noase 5
Railing – Blunderforge: House of Mists – Railing (Long)
Tables – LISP Bazaar: Rain or Shine Table
Lanterns – LadyBunny’s Fantasy: Copper String Lights
Couch – Concept:  Giulietta couch
Rock Background – inVerse: Cliff screen
Location – The Imperial Arts, Ven River Port

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