Graffitiwear’s Huge Selection @ Fashion Dazzle

Graffitiwear is back at Fashion Dazzle as a Sponsor with a large selection of wonderful sales for us! Each of the items shown off below can be purchased at the Graffitiwear booth until the event ends on August 25. Fashion Dazzle’s anniversary theme this month is Black & White, and this is heavily reflected in Graffitiwear’s products.

Exclusive: Bare Shoulder Dress

The exclusives on sale are two versions of the Bare Shoulder Dress. The sexy outfit includes an asymmetrical skirt with a high cut as seen in the Pics & Credits section at the bottom of those post.

You can purchase it in White & Black or in Black & White (shown here). The White & Black Bare Shoulders Dress has a white design with a black base. The Black & White Bare Shoulders Dress is the opposite. You can see both HUDs below.


White & Black (Left) and Black & White (Right)

The Bare Shoulder Dresses are available for L$185 each. Check out more pics of the dresses in action in the Pics & Credits section.


There are two jewelry sets available for purchase. Both come with earrings, a necklace, and bracelet.

The first is the Black & White Jewelry Set which can be purchased for L$25. It has a heavy feel and can definitely work for both casual or fancy outfits.






The second is the Black Curly Hearts Jewelry Gift which can be picked up for free at the Graffitiwear booth.  It’s a lot lighter than the other set, but it still comes across as versatile pieces.

Make sure you don’t miss out on either of these lovely sets. Both are a steal!


Mad For Plaid

The two piece Mad For Plaid set is also for sale. This is a more casual outfit that is great for hanging out in the warm weather. It comes with a HUD that lets you switch it up a bit, too! 



Mad For Plaid is on sale for L$225.



My favorite part about this dress is how light and airy it looks. No matter which design you select, it really appears to flow over your body.


Splendor is on sale for only L$50! Also available for the same price is the Filigree Dress (not shown).

White Intimate Lingerie

Last, but definitely not least, is the White Intimate Lingerie. This set comes in four sexy pieces. The top is sheer and has been censored in this post, however you will be able to see skin through them on yourself.

The White Intimate Lingerie is available for L$225.



Pics & Credits

Jewelry – Graffitiwear: Black Curly Hearts
Dress – Graffitiwear: Black & White Bare Shoulder Dress
Outfit – Graffitiwear: Mad For Plaid
Outfit – Graffitiwear: White Intimate Lingerie
Outfit – Graffitiwear: Splendor

Head – Catwa: Lona
Body – Maitreya: Lara
Shape – Regeneration Trisha
Skin – 7 Deadly s{K}ins: Chanel in Sand
Hair – TRUTH: Scout in Candy
Jewelry – Graffitiwear: Black & White Jewelry Set
Dress – Graffitiwear: White & Black Bare Shoulder Dress
Shoes – MODA: Elisha Patent Heels
Pose/Setting – Exposeur: Pipes
Location – Comhar Photo Studio
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