Getting Acquainted With An Anime Avatar

Various interests exist in Second Life, such as the Anime community. There are many different themed sims to hang out, shop, and meet others with similar interests. Whether you’re a part of the fandom or just like the look you’ll find you have some great avatar options. Today we’re focusing on products from UTILIZATOR, the same company that makes the furry Kemono avatar shown earlier this week.

The M3 Venus

While the body and clothing help make the avatar, it can be easily argued that the most recognizable part of an anime character is the signature face. The large, expressive eyes are the first thing many people notice. For this post I used UTILIZATOR‘s M3 Venus Anime Head. Just like the other UTILIZATOR products it’s highly customizable using just the HUDs. More experienced creators can mod the head, add their own textures, etc. As an added bonus it fit the Kemono body I already had with minimal tweaking. Score!

The M3 Venus can be copied and modified but not transferred. 

The standard HUD options include skin tones, tears, eye color, facial expressions, and more. One of my favorites is the classic anime blush option seen below. It’s great for role playing or just for that innocent and embarrassed look.

The Body

This post uses UTILIZATOR’s Kemono body as it was something I already had. I preferred the petite look, but I’ve seen anime avatars using fuller bodies such as Maitreya’s Lara. Anime bodies come in all shapes and sizes so use what fits your own tastes!

When selecting the body consider what clothing you’d like to wear. Very popular bodies such as Lara have thousands and thousands of different styles to choose from. Other popular but lesser known bodies like Kemono may also have a wide selection, but they may not have exactly what you have in mind. Browse outfits before making that purchase so you know you like your options.

If mix and matching isn’t your thing consider purchasing a complete anime avatar. A quick Marketplace search brings up over two thousand anime avatars in various price ranges. Just like with any purchase demo your options before buying if at all possible.

The Kemono can be copied and modified but not transferred. 

Pics & Credits

Pose – E.Ink: Sword
Pose – Overlow Poses: Pack Gift 5 ( 2 )
Head – UTILIZATOR: M3 Venus Anime Head
Body – UTILIZATOR: Kemono
Hair – UTILIZATOR: Kemono Hair
Tank Top – UTILIZATOR: Kemono Short Top
Shorts – UTILIZATOR: Kemono Shorts
Gloves – UTILIZATOR: Kemono Gloves
Boots – Wretch: Kemono Boots
Pose – Overlow Poses: Pack Gift 4 (2 )
Location – Kawaii Anime [Shin Akiba City]
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2 thoughts on “Getting Acquainted With An Anime Avatar”

    • Thank you! I had a lot of fun throwing her together. I didn’t even scrape the surface of the customization options either. There are SO many third party products that somebody could easily use this as a main avatar and keep a fresh look.


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